nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,


September 24, 2007 11:20 AM

Digging more and more into VMS. Today I managed to start getting used to the file and directory structure commands and am working on the backup command so I can restore the VMS freeware .BCK files to the directory I want with their subdirectories intact.

Had another SBC outage again today. For some reason when they cycle the line my router never reconnects so I was down until my lovely wife, who was home today for other reasons, power-cycled the router.

The state of technology in this country is so hodge-podge. One place has state-of-the-art stuff and another has nothing. And it’s not always the places you expect either. Some of the highest technology I’ve seen has been in small businesses in small towns and often some of the worst and most antiquated technology I’ve seen has been in large corporations. It’s so inconsistent it’s maddening at times.

Worked more on my bike this weekend and found that the old speedometer gear had seized up and broke the thin metal drive-plate prongs inside the wheel bearing space. After some great info from the forum guys at I was able to order the parts online and they should be here this week hopefully. Then I’ll be back on the bike saving gas money and enjoying myself again. 8-)

Trying to cut down on electricity at home so I’m starting to physically turn things off when I’m not using them. I wish there were a way to be able to cache things in RAM on the Cobalt servers until the drives spin up. That would allow me to have the drives asleep until they are needed but have a minimum delay in server access from an outside standpoint. But honestly I’m dreaming there. I think the best thing I can do with those is replace the drives with notebook drives to save power. Which makes a lot of sense to me.

I’m also thinking about replacing our existing tube TVs with LCD models some time next month if we can afford it. As long as those go to a black screen they should easily use much less power than the old tube units we have now. But that’s about another $1k if I buy two of them. Maybe I’ll replace the one in the living room first then wait a few months before replacing the one in the bedroom. Of course the bedroom one could in theory be a smaller one than the 32“ that will be in the living room. Regardless it’s a lot of money but if it saves on electricity then I’m all for it.

And much as I like my halogen lamp out in the garage I should probably look at replacing that with a fluorescent one as I will likely be doing a lot of work in the garage this winter.

I’d like to replace some of the bulbs in the house with CF bulbs but I know our housemate will have a fit. He’s one of those instant gratification people when he can get it which means that he wants the light to be there the moment he turns on the switch and CF bulbs often don’t do that.

Regardless I need to get more things organized around there, power related or not...
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