nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,


September 27, 2007 11:11 AM

Sometimes I fix things when I remember how not when they need to be fixed...

I’ve been fighting with my mail server at home for a week or so now because it was giving me Data Access Exception errors. After digging around I finally gave up and started working on a replacement mail server.

So today I look again and it occurs to me that those errors could be caused by bad swap space and that we had a power outage that ran the UPS dry a few weeks ago. I re-did the swap partition on the drive and now I’m not getting the error any more. Woot!

I’m...cautiously optimistic...about the outcome of all this. I’m probably still going to replace the mail server but as long as the old one keeps running without error or compromise I have more time to make the new one work right.

The VAXstation on the other hand is driving me nuts. It drops ftp connections after they’ve been running for a little while so I can’t get multinet uploaded to it. However it now has a whopping 72Meg of ram which I’m told is large for a VAXstation 4000-60. I need to get another drive in it for scratch and data work and so I can install MMK properly. (I’m still having problems doing a selective restore of the HP VMS freeware images.)

There appears to be some sort of dynamic firewalling going on with my home connection. It took almost 24 hours before I could connect to port 25 of my second IP in my five statics. Since I specifically have that open in my pf.conf file I don’t think it’s my PF configuration. Not sure if it’s ATT or somewhere else up the line but it’s most annoying.

Haven’t picked up a Kill-A-Watt yet. (I was misspelling it before as Kill-O-Watt.) I can’t seem to find one locally. Maybe I’ll try Best Buy tonight and see if they have one. I should have looked at one while I was at Fry’s the other day. Worse comes to worse the basic model is $20 on Amazon but then I have to pay for shipping.

Got everything vacuumed yesterday and got most of the clothes folded and most of my clothes put away. Also got the bathroom cleaned and got rid of the two dead tires outside. Still more to do. I didn’t get my dad’s bike returned to him so maybe I can do that this weekend.

Now if I could only get rid of those dead cans of paint in my truck bed...

For a country that is trying to tout “going green” they make it awfully expensive sometimes to recycle rather than illegally discard. (Not that I do the latter that is.) Anyway with anything that is unusual like old electronics or large chunks of metal it’s often painfully expensive to get rid of them. CRT monitors in particular can be up to $25 a piece in fees. Someone care to tell me how that encourages people to recycle? Anyone? *crickets chirping* Yeah...that’s what I thought...

I can probably afford to pick up mulch this weekend but I’ll likely wait just one more week for financial reasons. That much mulch actually comes out fairly expensive when purchased all at once. Maybe I’ll buy half of it this weekend and half next weekend.
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