nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

On two wheels again...

October 1, 2007 11:11 AM

Got my bike fixed last night! Woot!

Not to say that there aren’t things that need to be done to it but I at least got the speedometer working again. I _did_ find that the front wheel bearings are a bit loose. Not bad but noticeable. Those I’ll probably be doing next month but thankfully they don’t cost that much.

Got my father’s bike back to him this weekend. It was a prideful thrill to roll the bike off the back of my truck, kick-start it, have it start on the first try, and then ride it into the garage. Even if my father was out of town and didn’t see it. ;-)

So at this point I need to start digging into why my lawn tractor isn’t running right. That should actually not be too much of a problem. I’m pretty sure I’ve got everything I need to do the job and if I don’t I know where to get it for not too much money. I might just take the motor apart just to check out wear and tear on it but if I can get it back up to snuff without too much hassle I probably won’t do that. Regardless I need to learn more about how that motor operates anyway so this is a good learning experience.

I also need to go out and get at least a 48 inch solid steel bar 2“ x 1/2” to use as the handle for the plow for my tractor for winter. Shouldn’t be too hard to find. I might cut or bend said piece so it’s not just a straight bar and has some leverage on it. I’ll have to make some measurements and draw up pictures. Three pieces of said bar stock in a triangle would do the job nicely.

Didn’t get my boat out on the water this year and I doubt I still have time because it’s going to start getting cold now. Maybe next year...

Though with my dad’s bike gone I can probably move the Suzuki over and have enough room in the garage to work on it. (The boat that is.) I probably won’t though because I want the space for other things like cutting wood to make a custom desk/workbench for my office. I need to do something custom because the standard square desk isn’t working for me in that situation. I suspect I can come up with something that will do everything I need it to do and fit in the space provided.

Been managing to keep the house clean despite other people. As we usually are we’re still a little cluttered but there is very little dust and dirt lying around. Our housemate has been handling the lawn while my lawn tractor is down so other than those damnable leaves everywhere the lawn i doing ok. My biggest complaint is that he doesn’t take his shoes off in the house and tracks dirt and junk all over. That makes my job just that much harder. *sigh* I think his mom is the only one that would ever be able to get him to do that on a regular basis.

Started working a little with the drawing tablet again. Since I’m able to run it better on the MacBook I’ve noticed what it’s not as sensitive as it could be so now I understand why people pay the extra money to get a Wacom. Wacom has a new one out called the Bamboo which is supposed to feel just like paper. I might have to shell out for that one...

My daughter did something amazing yesterday - she read the entire book Green Eggs and Ham to my wife. That’s pretty cool because she voluntarily sat there and did it without complaint. Not surprised, I liked that book too when I was a kid. Something about being able to say “no I don’t want that“. ^_^
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