nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Misty morning ride...

October 2, 2007 11:08 AM

It was misting out this morning and I rode the motorcycle to work today. It was interesting because I actually had to wipe the visor of my helmet off every few minutes because the water didn’t bead and roll off. And of course it didn’t help that my visor is all scuffed up anyway. It was an experience. Looks like the mud and oil might have ruined another set of pants too. :-( Hopefully I can get them cleaned up.

Found out yesterday what that odd feeling of doom was... My sister has had a dog in our family, a black lab named Sambuka(sp?), for 15 years. I can honestly say I’ve known that dog longer than I’ve known my wife.

Anyway through a series of events Sam is no longer able to walk and is going to have to be put down. It’s losing a member of the family regardless of if that member has four legs instead of two. And that I’m very sensitive to for a lot of different reasons. So not too surprising I would pick up on something like this.

So I stopped by yesterday and said goodbye...which never gets any easier I might I’m in a little bit of a funk today.

Got a lot on my mind at the moment but very few words at my fingertips. I hope that I can get it all together here by the end of the day and do all the things I need to get done today. But what I really want to do is just go home and go back to sleep.

Two weeks until I have to take a trip to the Kenosha/Racine area again and visit a cemetery where my cousin is buried. Maybe that’s part of why I’m feeling down at the start of this month.

Though I _have_ done something I’ve never been able to do before. I’ve scheduled to take the week of Halloween off from work. That means I should be able to take time to decorate and put out actual stuff for trick-or-treaters. Then again while I have the time it might be beyond my finances to do the job I want to do to decorate for the holiday.

My thoughts are so scattered at the moment...

Still have a lot to do at home but there’s quite a bit that’s just not mine to handle. All the stuff for Bria in the living room that needs to be organized, all the clothes for my wife and daughter that need to be put away. And I guess the worst part is that people keep telling me that they’ll do it and they’ll get to it but then they sit on their ass or ignore me or complain that I’m being an asshole.

I’d dearly love to come home once...just once...and find everything done with little or nothing left for me to do that wasn’t my responsibility. But I know that won’t happen or it won’t happen more than once. *sigh* I get a lot of promises from people but sometimes it’s like they’re all empty ones...
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