nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Color is good...

October 3, 2007 11:30 AM

Got a new color laser printer at work and it’s pretty damn cool. It’s especially cool since I managed to work out a good login script modification that installs the printer automatically without problem.

On the flipside black tar on my motorcycle sucks. I’m probably going to spend hours cleaning off that stuff this weekend. Worse yet it heats up and makes my bike smell like it’s burning oil and for a 1982 motorcycle that’s not a trivial thing. I’m supposed to be watching for said things and here’s this false symptom gumming up the works. Thankfully I knew the bike wasn’t leaking oil or burning it before they started with the tar so I know it’s currently ok.

Finally picked up the Briggs and Stratton servicing book that I bought off of E-Bay and it turns out there’s a lot of simple things I can check before I start tearing into the engine. I had hoped to have time to do that this weekend but my wife has plans on Saturday so I have to watch our daughter and then we both have plans on Sunday. I don’t mind her having plans but the only notice I got of them was _today_. That’s a little short on time for me.

Anyway I did some more organizing in the garage last night so I now have more room to work. I’m hoping that I can start designing and building my custom desk/worktable for my office soon. I figure I can even work out a swing-arm for my monitor so it moves out of the way of things. (I really don’t want to pay for one because it’s almost half the cost of the monitor for one of the metal swing arms.)

In fact it makes sense for me to consider doing that for my daughter’s desk - at least for the top. I’m betting that I can make a top that converts the existing desktop into a square “U” shape where the ends of the “U” fold down to cover the drawers. Those ends can then be unfolded as needed to extend the work area of the desk - the legs for the ends fold up underneath them. If you’ve ever seen a swing-up desk corner with drop-down legs you know what I’m talking about. I’ll have to try and draw that up on Google Sketchup if I can.

Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up the mulch we need this weekend so we can start on that back area as soon as possible. Mulch this time of year is going to be expensive too unfortunately but I’ve got no choice. I also have to pick up three long stakes and some tall chicken wire to surround the one oak tree as our housemate hasn’t handled that yet. No biggie, I’ll get it done.

I’m way behind in doing anything creative lately. I really need to start working with my hands again which is yet another reason why I need work space in the garage. I really want to get to work on repairing the Suzuki and modifying my bike over the winter. Of course if it fails to snow this year I’ll be able to ride the bike so I’ll have to do the modifications in pieces. I think I might concentrate on getting the tail light replaced first then maybe front turn signals. Paint last obviously. If I can get all the physical modifications done then I can concentrate on getting the Suzuki repaired and done up the way I want it done. After that I can ride the Suzuki while doing the paint on the Seca. But as always the best laid plans...

Not sure what I’m going to do for halloween this year since I have time to think about it. I’d like to do a running joke the week before but I don’t know if I’ll have the time. I wonder if I can find a screensaver that makes it look like the screen is shorting out. Maybe a program that randomly fluctuates the backlight of the LCDs would work. At home I’d like to have at least one of my “grow brains” finished in a jar and on the porch before the holiday itself. I wonder if I can find a bulk supply of mad scientist goggles to give away...
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