nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

There's more to life...

October 5, 2007 11:15 AM

Than money that is.

I’m just starting to get it all together at home, at work, any number of things are finally coming together. I’m not really that much closer to being independent or us buying a house but I’m starting to get back to projects I left off months ago and I’m working on getting several other things started.

I organized most of the living room yesterday. That felt really good. There’s still a bit to get rid of or put away in there (clothes, etc.) but it’s pretty clean now. So clean I’ll be able to completely empty the kitchen/dining room into it the next time I’m off so I can give it a really good scrubbing and mopping. I’m keeping it clean now but I really want to get anything that’s still problematic in that area. Also it will allow me to better organize the pans and bowls and misc. on the two baker’s racks.

I think after getting the kitchen organized I’ll start drawing up the plans for the changes to my office. I really would like to do a custom desk structure or something in there. Maybe I’ll start sorting out the books and papers in there tomorrow and then take measurements so I can draw up some designs.

I’m not very talkative today. I’ve got some things going on at work that are occupying my attention and I don’t want to air them on a public page. Suffice it to say I’ve got a lot to think about...
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