nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

I can has headache...

October 9, 2007 11:24 AM

(If you don’t get the title then Google for “lol cats”.)

Too many things going on at once but I think I can keep them all straight without too much trouble...

My bike was smoking this morning. Literally. I had some of the tar remover puddled in the nooks and crannies of the engine and it smoked nicely when it heated up. It was done by the time I got to work but it was pretty annoying.

Didn’t pick up the mulch last weekend (too damn hot) so I need to buy it this weekend. Seems like there is always something I have to spend money on...

I’d really like to not have to spend money for my personal projects at the very least. Unfortunately often the materials I choose to work with require a bit of cash. For instance I’ve got a really good idea for a neat fishtank but it will require me to heat and form a large sheet of plexiglass as well as brass pipework, faux stone, and a great many other things. Like I said - expensive.

Still haven’t looked at the lawn tractor but I’m off tomorrow so I think I’ll make that my priority. That and running the weed whacker around the yard because it really needs it in some areas. Particularly up the hill since we haven’t put the landscaping fabric up there yet. I may put the fabric in tomorrow and weight it down with rocks or something until I can get the mulch. Sounds like a plan...

Having trouble getting Multinet installed on my Vaxstation. No matter where I ftp the binary from - in binary mode - the binary becomes corrupted and won’t unzip. Unfortunately I don’t have the link I used to ftp the file from the vendor. If I can dig that up then maybe I can just download directly to the Vaxstation without a problem.

The only thing I want multinet for really is an ssh server. I don’t want to do open telnet up to the outside world on _any_ box and if this is going to run a MUD then it’s gotta be stable and got to be available to the outside world. That means a potential security risk and that ALSO means a resounding “No!” to telnet.

Road construction in the city where I work is currently sucking a large wad of ASS! I have to go around the block one way or another to get to the restaurant I go to daily rather than directly there. What a pain. You’d think by now we would either have longer lasting road materials or better ways of doing construction. Night construction makes more sense but you hardly see that. Probably the unions want more money for working at night rather than during the day. :-(

At least we’re keeping the AC off for the moment.

Speaking of electricity I need to re-wire my computer rack downstairs. It’s a confusing mess. I’ll likely do that this weekend if I can. I’m going to move the Portmaster over to the back side of the rack and move all the Cobalt units up towards the top. The Vaxstation may or may not go into the rack. I might even say screw it and pull another couple of cables into that area and move the firewall into the rack so that it’s out from beneath the stairs. I’ll have to think about that one because that’s a lot of wire running into the laundry room from the utility room...
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