nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Winter approaches...

October 11, 2007 11:14 AM

The temp dropped quite a bit today from yesterday and it’s considerably more blustery. I still rode the bike to work though.

Like I told the guys at work - unless it’s raining too hard to ride, or snowing, or I have to transport something large I will be riding the bike to work.

I don’t get that cold honestly. The parts that get cold are right where the gloves meet the jacket, the lower sides of my jaw, and the front of my thighs. Everything else is just fine.

With the coming winter there is even more to do. I managed to sweep most of the leaves off of the driveway yesterday but I know they’ll be back. I’ll try and get them moved to the compost heap or the burn pile on Saturday. I’ll sweep the deck at the same time.

I really should at least turn my boat over and make sure it’s ok but I honestly want to get other things done first. I probably should replace the saw horse that the outboard is resting on because it’s bending a bit. I suppose once I clean some more stuff off the metro rack in the garage I can move stuff from behind the workbench to the racking and then put the outboard on the back of the workbench where it will be supported and out of the way. In fact that sounds like a good plan for Saturday as well.

I didn’t work on my lawn tractor yesterday either because I had to go back into work. I think I’ll try and get a peek in at it today when I get home. I don’t have anything else serious pending so I should be able to just change clothes and dig into it.

I still need to run the weed whacker around the yard too. I should be able to cut down a bunch of the weeds and not have them immediately grow back due to the temperature drop. Unfortunately if the wind keeps up like this I will be unable to put down the mulch like I planned. (Which is good in a way because I haven’t bought it yet.)

In more annoying news my daughter had not had a reading program since the start of this school year. I don’t in any way blame the teacher because she’s been out with a family emergency but I find it unconscionable that my daughter, and probably other children in the same class, should suffer because of it. They should be prepared for situations like this. Period. I don’t want to use the hammer but I will if I have to...

Of course since Illinois cut their educational funding most of the programs my daughter needs are in limbo now. Amazing. They can waste millions of dollars in the government on all manner of things but when it comes to helping the people they are “poor”.

Government works for the people. PERIOD. They don’t work for corporations. They don’t work for churches. They don’t work for rich people only. They don’t work for poor people only. (Though there’s some argument about if making that last one a priority would help the situation. I think not only because it would not be a balanced solution.) The problem here is that we’ve redefined what the word “people” means where our government is concerned.

As far as the government is concerned “people” are:

1) Large corporations that fund their campaigns for elections and bribe them.
2) Large groups of individuals with an axe to grind and enough money to pay for the changes they want.
3) Religious organizations that are mainstream only and have the public ear or support the current power mongers.
4) Foreign powers with money invested in our country or a resource we want.

And it gets worse and worse each day.

As far as I’m concerned the government should define people as“

A person living in the US.

Those are the people that should matter. And another thing - no more contributions. Period. We should not allow corporations or religious organizations or lobbyists or foreign powers to contribute ANY money in exchange for ANY consideration in our government. (Trade between foreign powers is one thing - paying off our government for good trade relations is quite another.)

We’re definitely in the latter days of Rome now but I haven’t heard the final fiddle so there’s still time to change things. If not well....winter approaches...
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