nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Feel like death warmed over...

October 15, 2007 11:15 AM

Well maybe not that bad but I certainly don’t feel well at the moment. Very tired and I had some sinus stuff this morning. The feeling of inactivity yesterday was much worse - I didn’t even get dressed. Today it’s just a minor annoyance.

Went up and visited my Aunt Dolly on Saturday and picked up a box of stuff my mother left for us along with a couple of pumpkins. It was nice to visit with her since I only get up there once a year.

Which is the other part of the trip. I went up there to visit my cousin’s grave. It was ok this time as the pain wasn’t so fresh. I think though that I’m going to go with a few things to talk about on a sheet of paper because all that had passed in the year had gone out of my head.

Some people would think it weird that I talk to her but quite honestly I’ve seen a great number of people do the same with their loved ones who have passed so I don’t feel self-conscious about it unless someone is there with me. I just have a bad memory so I have to write it down.

Just had to put the hammer to my daughter’s special education people. I don’t like doing that but to have no reading program for a good majority of the school year and to ignore repeated requests and give us the runaround is inexcusable. Anyway it was a last resort and it wasn’t the true hammer just kind of a warning tap on their heads. Hopefully it will get their attention and they will get motivated regarding the subject.

Still working on stuff around the house. I’ve got my new desk designed for my office but I’m not going to motivate on that until the stuff in the living room is finished at the very least. We’re making progress but it’s slow...

I need to start digging into the lawn tractor pronto! It’s fairly warm right now but I can feel snow on the horizon and we’re going to need that plow installed and need to have the tractor running smoothly before it hits. The most important thing is the motor. Anything else I can make on-the-fly so to speak. The plow arm and handle is going to be the easiest actually but it’ll require some testing and welding. I’ve got the design all worked out but I need to get the right angle on the triangle or it’ll be tough to drive and use at the same time.

Still haven’t bought the mulch for the back flowerbeds yet. I trimmed back there last week but haven’t laid down the paper yet. And worse it rained last night so laying it down today would suck. That and the fact it would likely blow away is going to be a problem.

No squirrel holes in the garage yet. I’m hoping those bastards don’t try and get in again this winter. I’m seriously going to go out this weekend and spend for a small pellet gun. They sell the small plastic pellet guns that are spring loaded and won’t break anything if they hit it. Those should be good enough to discourage the squirrels if I can hit them often enough.
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