nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

It's amazing what a little DNS can do...

October 19, 2007 11:31 AM

Finally got off my butt and set up my DNS servers. So after loading up a Cobalt Qube2 with NetBSD I was able to set this up last night:

I wanted to set up a site just for dads with kids with autism. A place where guys can go and talk about this stuff with other guys and not feel out of place.

Most guys, myself included, don’t talk too well about their emotions or thoughts or ideas with anybody but other guys. Heck I don’t even talk here about half the things I think about. So I made someplace that would work for that. Now I just have to make sure it stays running and drive traffic to it.

And I have to figure out why the damn article posting time is off. It’s probably a GMT vs local time thing.

*dinks with site*

Ahh! It’s not a time thing! It’s a “not posting to the front page” thing. Got it. Obligatory joke - now that I’ve got it what do I do with it??

Anyway I’ve owned this domain for a while now with the intention of setting it up and the new DNS servers were just the push I needed.

Currently it’s fighting me in that it’s not allowing me to post an article to the front page so I’m gonna go fix that and maybe write some more later...
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