nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Quiet mouth...unquiet mind...

November 8, 2007 11:10 AM

My mind is whirling from all manner of things but for some reason the words won’t come.

I hate that feeling. :-( it’s like having something vital you _know_ you forgot but the harder you try to remember the more it slips away.

I guess I’ll just start with things to do at home. In no particular order I have to...

Put the landscaping fabric and mulch on the back flowerbeds. I have both now so I just need to get out there and get it done before it snows.

Empty the one bookshelf in my office and move it into my daughter’s room to the left of her window.

Swap a couple of totes from the shed for all those small totes full of the paperback books I want to get out of my way until we have our own place.

Re-organize the desks and shelves in the office until I can build the large desk.

Start mailing out those boxes to my friend in Florida. Start with the tubes first.

Sweep and mow the yard.

Burn the leaves.

Do internal house maintenance.

Finish my daughter’s laptop.

Load up the Netra T 105 server to test power consumption and moving websites to it rather than all the Cobalt systems.

Re-wire and reorganize server rack.

Move firewall into server rack and run second wire back to network switch.

Move E450 into server rack after swapping CD-ROM drive for DVD-ROM drive.

Install tape backup onto appropriate server.

In office wire up KVM and different desktop systems.

Order SGI O2 power supply. ($50 last time I checked.)

Replace power supply on G5 iMac. (Waiting for it to arrive.)

Attach desk drawer unit from garage onto desk.

Solder together 30W amplifier kit for the bike.

Order and replace front wheel bearings and speedometer clutch on bike.

Swap out existing tail light and turn signals on bike for combined LED OEM DOT approved unit.

Remove rear fender on bike. Possibly remove front fender.

Swap front turn signals on bike for LED ones.

Remove and fill any dents in bike’s gas tank.

Prime and paint bike parts including side panels, tank, seat plastic, front fairing, etc.

Replace main footpegs on bike - or at least the rubber on them.

Do oil changes on all the vehicles.

Install plow on lawn tractor.

Cut, drill, and weld angle iron for plow handle.

Install said handle on plow.

And there’s a ton more things that I’m sure I need to do but can’t remember right now. :-(

Isn’t it always like that?
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