nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Fries today but no pie...

November 30, 2007 11:13 AM

Well things are looking up. We’re filling out mortgage pre-qualification paperwork with the lender Monday evening and then we start seriously looking for a house.

Some part of me is still screaming “I can’t believe you’re doing this! You’re going to tie yourself to a home for probably 10 years or more! What the hell are you THINKING!!!” but I think it’ll be ok.

So this means we start packing things slowly and carefully labeling things. I don’t want to be one of those people that takes 5 years to finally unpack all the boxes from the move. And as much fun as it would be to play the “opening each box is like a present” game I really just want to get us moved and settled with everything.

Now since we’re seriously looking I will likely start buying all those things I need to have in place before we move such as the ADSL card for my router, the hot-air reflow de-soldeirng station, and the repair parts for my bike. In fact I’ll likely buy the repair parts for my bike today. I’ll _always_ have something I want but right now the list is pretty short and most of the stuff on it is stuff that will pay off later. The re-flow station for instance will allow me to reclaim electronic parts from other systems and use them for my own projects. That will save me a ton of money over a long period of time.

This is going to be another roller-coaster ride. I can feel it. But this time I’m at least _knowing_ that I’m getting on a roller-coaster as opposed to the other times life has made me ride one.

It’s going to be an awful lot of tuna sandwiches and an awful lot of times of telling ourselves “no” and an awful lot of sitting at home doing just stuff at home because we can’t afford to go anywhere else. I think it’s time for use to do things like get library cards and accumulate some craft materials and keep a list of places to get free building materials. I know I’m going to be watching Freecycle a lot more once we do this.

I need to get the title transferred on my boat. I also need to get the application for lost title for the International sent off. I’m hoping that once I get a lost title I can sell it for parts on E-Bay.

That brings up another thing - I might have to get rid of the Suzuki because I probably won’t have the money to fix it up. Huh.

My wife asked me about repairing anything that needs fixing in the house and I told her that we’ll move first then repair because it will be a hell of a lot easier without all the stuff in the way. Then we’ll be able to get any repairs done quickly.

Another thing I’m going to have to worry about is my DSL. Once we find a place I’m going to have to make sure I can get broadband there without a problem AND at least 2 static IPs. If it’s economical to do so I’d like to go back to Speakeasy as an ISP but that might not be financially the right thing to do. Anyway I need at least one static for hosting and another for mail and secondary DNS. I want the mail on the second IP so that I can configure our systems so that they can get mail anywhere not just on our own network. That’ll be good because it means I can use my Macbook to pick up my mail no matter where I am and then I don’t have to worry about my mail getting lost.

Not sure how daycare is going to work but I’m sure we can’t keep paying what we’re paying unless we get a really inexpensive home. (< $100k) I’ll do what I have to regardless but things are going to be awful tight for a while. However if we find a deal somewhere - like through my dad or something - it would be really really sweet.

It also just came to my mind that after we buy a house we’re going to be sitting at home doing very little but maintenance for a while and that leaves me plenty of time to do video editing. Something I’ve always wanted to take more time to do.

I just hope we can find a place that fits the bill...
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