nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Enter the great white (house) hunter...

December 7, 2007 10:42 AM

So we’re going to look at three houses tomorrow. There are two that I really like but the one is a better deal than the other. My wife likes the first one we’re going to take a look at but it remains to be seen if it will be suitable for what we need or not.

The one I really like is a 3br stone cottage but it’s got a small yard and is closer to our personal max price range ($150k) than others. It’s got a field-stone fireplace and is massively cute. I just don’t know if it’s large enough for us though.

The one my wife really likes has a delivery or shipping depot across the street so we’d have to deal with truck noises all the time. The basement might also only have outside access which is a big annoyance for me if I want to put my computers down there. But it’s also less expensive.

The third supposedly has 4 bedrooms but no basement and is near the golf course and the channel to the river complete with water rights. But I’m not sure if there’s a HOA or anything because it’s so close to the golf course.

All-in-all three good houses to start our looking process. And if it turns out that one of those is the one we buy in the end then so be it.

We’re under a 120-day time limit here because that’s when our pre-qualification will run out. I personally want us to at least get a home purchased in 60 days if not moved in my then. If that works out it would be a hell of a birthday present for me. :-) Regardless I don’t want to push the time limit on our pre-qualification so 90 days is the max.

I just thought about something - I need wall space for a large whiteboard too. But that’s something I can work around too.

We’re just going to have to go and see them. That should happen tomorrow without a problem.

So many thoughts in my head. The biggest one is that I will now be working to pay for something that I won’t own for at least two decades. My mind is screaming “$150,000! That’s three times what your parents paid for a house!!!”. True but that was also the 70’s and things are different now.

The ones that boggle me are the people that pay more than $250k for a house that isn’t worth it. I was watching a house hunting show and there were people looking at homes in the $1.5 million range. Now I personally can’t even conceive of that unless I had just won the lottery or something. And those homes didn’t look that much better than a $250k home!

And I took a little money today from the credit union account so I can buy a few final things like my desoldering station and the ADSL wic for my router. I want to get all those things bought before we buy the house because I will absolutely have NO buying ability for quite some time after we’re moved. Another thing that I need to buy just came to mind - a chainsaw. It’s quite likely that I’ll have to trim some wood depending on the property we buy and especially if we get a house with a fireplace. If not I also have the one drum-woodstove kit and I can use that to heat the garage.

Another thing that just came to mind is making sure we have a satellite available home because I absolutely hate cable. That means a clear view of the southern sky. I’d better bring a compass with us tomorrow so I can check that. It would suck if we had to get cable and buy all new DVRs. :-(

I’m trying not to be too picky here because that’s one of the classic first-time home buyer blunders. (Not including land wars in Asia. ;-) Unfortunately there are things that keep coming up that are important for what we want to buy - like the satellite thing. And good roof sunlight for solar. But that may be just a matter of cutting down a tree or something.

Thanks to my thinking about “green” recycling things and such I don’t think building materials will be too hard to get if we want to renovate or something. In fact the majority of my stuff for my computers can be built from recycled materials.

I would really like a house I can add solar power to but that may not be immediately possible. Still it’s something to keep in mind.

It’s going to be a big change having to come up with that honking payment every month but we’ll manage. And I have to start saving that money _before_ we start the closing process. Huh. And a good way to do that just came to mind! What I can do is use the existing credit union stuff to pay off the personal loan we have then start saving about $300 per check into the credit union account. That should easily give me the mortgage payment without us having to worry about if we have enough money each month! Cool! That takes a load off my mind. Living without utilities or luxuries I can handle. My biggest worry in all this will be making the mortgage payment each month and if that happens automatically then so much the better.

Big changes....
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