nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,


December 12, 2007 11:16 AM

So I’ve started migrating my websites and so forth to the new server. I need to set up BIND on it so I can get away from Dotster’s service. They’re not bad but since I have the ability I should stop paying for someone else to do it. DNS is actually not all that hard to set up it’s just a little annoying to switch servers with the whole 72 hour replication time and whatnot.

I’ve found that my daughter is “meh” concerning house hunting. So far though she has only objected to one house and that was the horrible horrible crack-house. I think she’ll be ok no matter where we end up. She’s learning to be much more flexible about life...

We’re talking to our bank just to see what they might be able to offer us but it looks like we’re going to at least pay for a home inspection for the first house we saw and liked. I’ll probably call our mortgage broker and see who she recommends just so we’re all on the same page.

The more I think about that house the more I like it but I’m honestly trying to talk myself out of it just to make sure it’s not just a passing crush or the urge to just buy something and get it over with. However I keep finding an answer to my objections so maybe that is the house for us. One thing is for certain - with something this expensive you don’t want to make any major mistakes.

I’m not saying we won’t find something screwed up in all this - it’s our _first_ house - but hopefully there won’t be something seriously screwed up with the whole deal. I am endeavoring to reduce the amount of potential problems though and I should be able to get rid of the worst ones without too much trouble.

My desoldering station hasn’t gotten here yet. It’ll probably arrive this week some time. That thing is going to save me a lot in components over time and according to a knowledgeable friend ti should take Hakko tips without a problem.

I do want a few more things but likely I’ll only buy one more thing before the house - my ADSL WIC card for my Cisco 2610. That’ll cover all the bases for getting a good router involved with my broadband after we move.

After we move though I’ll be able to do something cool that will give us money to pay for repairs and so forth. What I’ll do is use the existing credit union cash to pay off my personal loan then renew that personal loan and stash the cash in the credit union account. That’ll give us about $5k in immediate cash that we can use for emergencies, repairs, etc. At the same time I’ll probably buy my small aluminum-capable tabletop mill which will be about $700 from Taig. (Tiag?) That is the last shop related tool besides a toolbox that I need to buy and a toolbox can be pretty much eliminated for me by buying pegboad for the garage and hanging most of my tools on the wall.

There’s so many things I want to do too. I want to get my large satellite dish to do some radio astronomy, I want to get solar panels installed, I want to set up a Stratum 1 clock, I want to accomplish so many things that are possible with a house that are not possible renting somewhere.

All-in-all I’m seriously looking forward to us having a place of our own. The big thing is not to get screwed in the process...
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