nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Too slow and still too fast...

December 13, 2007 11:45 AM

So we told our realtor to put an offer on the house that we like and now he’s got to write up an offer letter and then have us sign it to send to the seller. If the seller accepts the offer then we can proceed otherwise we give a counter-offer, etc.

So I realistically can’t see us closing on this house until February at the rate things are going. And that’s not too bad. It gives us time to get our ducks in a row.

Honestly though some part of my mind is still screaming that we’re moving too fast and that owning a house is a bad idea and so many other things. But quite honestly I’m ignoring that portion of my mind because of one reason - my wife and I are united on this house. And that’s pretty rare.

My wife and I often have radically opposing viewpoints on things - so much so that it can cause some serious friction at times - but we usually can work out an accord or reach some sort of balance or something. This time there was none of that. We both agreed on making an offer on this house. We both like this house. We both feel that this is a place we want to live. Period.

There was no arguing. And that in and of itself is a wondrous thing. :-)

Of course now that we’ve officially started the process things are also moving much too slow in my mind. Buying a house, once you’ve chosen one, should be simple in my opinion. Reality of course is something different. Realistically I know that buying a house is a long process but there’s got to be some ways to simplify that.

Unfortunately the only thing I can think of that would simplify it would be to have enough cash to buy the house outright. An expensive proposition but highly desirable in my opinion.

The other thing that should be easier as far as I’m concerned is building a house.

There are people all over this country and this planet that are building their houses out of reclaimed materials and using very little money to do so. From what I’ve seen though the average town, city, or county seems dead set to stand in the way and make that as hard as possible. Fines, fees, inspections, pieces of paper....feeding the machine that is local government.

I’m not saying that we don’t need safety inspections and so forth when people are building a house but should a person _really_ need a permit to even _start_ building? I mean you’ve already paid for the land. And you’re paying county, and in some cases state and city, taxes. So what’s the need for yet another piece of paper that serves to only fine the person for building?

And what happens if the local inspector doesn’t like your building method even though it’s accepted elsewhere? That means you either have to change your building method or pay a fine or convince the official(s) to accept your method. And as long as your method is safe then who the hell cares?

I’ve ranted about homeowner associations before so I’ll spare that repeated rant here but the idea is the same - the people around you want to tell you how to build your house. The place that you’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars building. If you think that’s acceptable then why are you building in the first place? Why not just buy something that the locals find “acceptable” or “inoffensive” and be done with it?

Building a house should be one of the most artistic and heartfelt expressions of the people doing so. Other than serious safety concerns nobody but they should decide how their house should look, feel, smell, or taste.

The problem is also one of degrees. For instance having fake blood fountains in your front yard or nudes painted on the side of your house are much different than having your house an odd color. It’s yet another place where drawing a line in the sand is extremely hard to do. If you draw that line then by definition you’ve curtailed someone’s freedom but if you don’t draw that line you’ve put yourself in a position of having to accept anything that they do.

Ahh old “slippery slope” we meet again!

When we get this house I will try and be accepting of my neighbors and listen to any issues they have with the things we do to it but in the end it’s _us_ who decide what we do with our house.

For instance I fully intend to have a 10’ satellite dish in the yard for radio astronomy. It’s in my plans and if the neighbors don’t like it then so what. I also intend to put up solar panels. First on the garage then on the house.

I fully intend to have a garden. I fully intend to grow some corn on our double lot. Eventually I hope to expand the garage into a garage+workshop.

All of this may or may not cause friction with my neighbors. But in the end it should be my choice as long as it doesn’t hurt them physically.

At least that’s this “weird” person’s opinion...
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