nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,


December 14, 2007 11:11 AM

Well we didn’t get the house. Supposedly an 11th-hour offer and signing from another buyer came in last night. So maybe that was not to be.

Everything happens for a reason...

So we’re looking again. And quite honestly there are a bunch of other houses out there that fit our criteria on paper at least. Maybe we’ll find something better.

It did help us narrow down our choices though and we have a little better idea of what we do and don’t want.


A garage. 2 car preferred, 1 car necessary.
A third bedroom, a den, or a basement.
A realistic price range of less than $140k - $145k. Preferably less. (Not hard to do in this market.)
Enough yard for the shed and possibly a workshop to be built later and a large satellite dish.
Unshaded roof coverage for solar power.

Turns out that for our first house we really like the old “four-square” country farmhouses. Eventually I want something different but there are a lot of advantages to them that I didn’t see at first until I stepped into the one. (Not to bloat my wife’s ego but in this case she was right. ;-)

As far as the yard is concerned I need the space for the large satellite dish and for a workshop. I’d like a space for a garden too but that might not come at first.

Truth be told we have an awful lot of choices out there. In the two weeks we’ve seriously been looking the amount of houses that fit our initial criteria has almost doubled. And the longer we wait the better it gets because we accumulate more money in the bank and that looks good to the lenders.

Thankfully we’re not being pressured by where we’re living but as I told our housemate “It’s just time to do this and we’re doing it at _our_ pace not other peoples’.” And that’s so true too because while we did move fast and are probably still going to move fast we’re ok with that now.

The wheel parts came in for my bike so hopefully I’ll be able to find time to work on that very soon and fix it. Replacing the wheel bearings et-all shouldn’t be too hard. I didn’t look that hard when I had it apart the last time. About the only thing I’m concerned with it getting the old bearings out and what grease to use. Putting everything back in looks simple as pie. :-)

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