nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Ghosts of Christmas Presents...

December 20, 2007 11:19 AM

So I’m picking up my wife’s holiday gift today and something for myself. Truth be told I’m never sure what to buy her but there were many good suggestions over the course of the year so I was able to pick without a problem. And my bonus allows me to buy myself an actual Wacom tablet with software. Sweet. :-D

I’ll also have to pick up my Secret Santa gift for the person I got in our immediate family. That’s a quick stop though.

Name Based Virtual Hosting seems to be working well on my system at home. Now all I need to do is start moving DNS over to it and I’ll be down to two machines in the rack for hosting stuff. That will leave me with those two machines, the mail server/secondary DNS server, the Vaxstation, the U1 firewall, the switches, the Portmaster, and the wireless router. That reduces the overall load from 10 machines down to 7. I suppose I could turn off the Vaxstation but I really want to learn VMS and have a MUD running on that just because.

Most of those machines have 30 gig or 40 gig drives in them that I can put in something that needs the temporary space but is not going to be on all the time. Unfortunately those are all PATA so using them in something like a DROBO is out of the question. Though putting them in an external PATA RAID box and attaching them to the back of the G4 is not a bad idea.

I really need to get some sort of network storage solution in the future but right now I’m all about saving power. Being able to turn off all those spinning platters when I’m not using them is highly desirable to me at the present time.

That reminds me that I still have to purchase a new hard drive for my wife’s Thinkpad. She’s getting a little tight for space on there. Of course if she didn’t save e-mail from lists that are _archived_ online she would have a considerable amount more space. Truth be told she really needs a 120 gig drive in there.

There are still a lot of things we need to get but right now we’re buying a house soon so putting out that much cash beforehand is a bad idea. Other than holiday gift giving we’ve significantly reduced our spending. I still need to cancel a couple of online accounts but they’re cheap per-month ones.

It’s amazing how far the market has dropped on homes right now. And it’s likely only going to drop further.

I know that once we buy the house things will change and I’m planning to make them change for the better. For instance provided we have the space I’ll be able to set up an area just for me to exercise. That’ll be a big thing because it’ll be hard to eat healthy on less money AND I’ll be eating less. That means I’ll need to get more exercise. Fortunately owning a house is an active thing unless you have money to pay for people to do your maintenance and repair work. I’m not that rich. ;-)

And likely with any house we end up with there will be a lot of work to do. Everything from weekly maintenance to repairs and upgrades. And I know that I will likely want to do a fair amount of upgrades just in my workshop areas alone. Thankfully those tend to be cheaper than say...a bathroom. Obviously more expensive upgrades will come as time permits but there are some requirements I have for my stuff that will require things like workbenches and custom cabinets and things of that nature. I’m even thinking of buying a large piece of material that can be used for a giant whiteboard. It all depends on the configuration of the house we end up with.

Unfortunately until we buy it planning is difficult at best...
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