nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Bah La La La La Bah Bah Bah La...

December 21, 2007 11:16 AM

So I got my wife’s present bought yesterday along with all the other presents. Of course she’s already guessed what it is. No biggie there.

A lot of work to do during this holiday season. Besides wrapping presents I need to continue cleaning as usual AND pack stuff. The list keeps growing...

It’s Solstice today but I doubt I will have time to meditate as I would like. But then my time seems to keep getting shorter each day.

We’re all set to see another house on Sunday which is empty so we’ll be able to take pictures. If it’s as good as it looks we’ll probably make an offer on it. If we do make an offer on it I hope nothing funny happens like it did on the other house. (C’mon! An 11th hour offer and signing in a market that is sinking like a stone? Riiiight.)

I’m going to have to remember to bring the compass again so I can see if we have a “unobstructed view of the southern sky” for the satellite. I’d hate to have to change to cable - DirectTV is so much better in my opinion.

Where the house is located I don’t think getting broadband will be a problem. Heck I might even be able to get a better upload speed than I have now. That would certainly make it nicer when connecting remotely to my home network and servers and such. Unfortunately I’m not sure if the phone company is going to be able tell me if I can get broadband there or not before we move in. I might have to leave changing my broadband/phone service until after we move. I want the least amount of downtime on my servers that I can get. (That also means I need to hustle on getting all my DNS shifted to my home nameservers because then all i need to do is change the nameserver setting at Dotster and let it replicate.)

In some ways I’m looking forward to buying the house - more ways than not - but in some ways it’s going to be a pain. I’m going to miss eating at the restaurant every day. I’ll have to post these entries from my truck in a parking lot. (For a lot of reasons I don’t ever want to post these from the my work network.) I suppose I should try and see what the one local forest preserve spot looks like. That might be a good place to write/post from.

One thing I’m looking forward to is having an electronics bench again. I started to set one up where we’re living now but with the move and everything it’s buried behind packed totes full of paperback/hardback books.

That reminds me - next check I should probably start buying the custom-cut pieces of plywood to close up the bookshelves for moving. That and ship out all those little boxes that I have t ship out - which by now are a fair amount. I also need to send in the check to retrieve the lost title for the Travelall so I can get rid of it. After those things are done the rest of the expenses will likely be things like boxes/totes for packing, truck rental for when we move. I’m also getting a damn truck with a lift-gate. I saw how useful that thing was when I helped my friend in Florida move and I really don’t want to move some of the things I have with just a ramp. On top of that I really want to reduce the load on my pickup truck to make it last longer. Besides - we’re to the point with all our stuff that we should be able to fit almost all, if not all, of it in one load of a 26 foot truck. (I’m just guessing at the actual truck length because I don’t recall what sizes are available.)

When it comes down to it the most difficult things to move will be the bookshelves and my network rack downstairs. That last one I will have to disassemble and empty because otherwise it won’t tilt enough to get out of the house. The dressers, armoire, tables, etc. are all easy enough to move out of the back door of the house. I’ll likely get a bunch more sheets of plywood to just lay on the snow behind the deck so we can just roll/carry things off the back of the deck and not have to go down any large amount of stairs. That will help a lot.

And I want everything packed BEFORE we start loading. It makes things so much simpler...
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