nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

PIns, needles, and other torture devices...

December 26, 2007 11:08 AM

So we’ve officially put an offer in on a house complete with the writing of the earnest money check. There is supposedly another offer on the house but it’s also supposedly a “lowball” one and we’re within $1k of the asking price so I think we’re ok. And if I have to shell out some money at closing that’s ok too. We already have to pay for the appraisal out of our own pockets so having to pay something like the attorney’s fees shouldn’t add too much.

I figure the appraisal will cost $275, the home inspection $300, and the attorney about $400. That comes out to $975 which is well within our cash range as long as there’s time to get it from the credit union account. No problem there really because it’s still got to go to the underwriters after they accept our offer and the longer that takes the more cash we accumulate in the credit union account anyway - not to mention more of the personal loan being paid off.

Regardless I’m not going to count my chickens here until we hear back if the offer is accepted or not. Y’know I forgot to find out if the appliances were included even though they weren’t listed. I’ll have to have our agent check into that before this goes any further. It’s not like we can’t pay for new/used appliances but if we don’t have to then we have more money to keep stashed away just in case or to do some immediate upgrades. Obviously we want to get through this expending as little money as possible.

The temp is up today which reminds me that besides all the chores I have to do when I get home I should also be repairing the front wheel of my bike so that it’s ridable. When the temp get up there I can start riding her again and saving money. (And despite my wife’s protests I _will_ be transporting my daughter on the bike during summer. There’s just no way I can keep driving the truck regularly after we buy a house. It’s just too expensive to feed.)

I will probably start seriously packing here in the next few weeks or so. I’ve got much more to pack than my wife and I want to make sure it’s all organized unlike the last time we moved. Our housemate kind of grimaced when I mentioned my plan for the bookshelves but I think it’ll work considerably better than unloading all those damn things into boxes, moving them, then re-loading them all from boxes. If I can move them as single units then so much the better.

He also said we shouldn’t spend for a truck at all but I honestly don’t want to be doing this over a long period of time. And I really want to reduce the wear and tear on my truck and my wife’s van. We’ll be driving those things for quite some time.

Speaking of which I did notice one thing about the garage - it doesn’t have a garage door opener. No problem for me really except in the winter but I’ll probably spend for one just for the convenience. Just like I’ll spend for a real replacement side door for it because I noticed the other one was a little weak.

But that all depends on us getting the house...
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