nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Let its snow....

December 28, 2007 1:21 PM

It’s snowing outside right now. It’s supposed to only snow for a little while then stop but when I looked at the radar there was a seriously large blob of blue that covered almost the entire state. I suspect it won’t stop snowing until much much later.

Worse yet it’s “heavy” snow which means that I better break out the plow the minute I get home or it’ll be a pain to plow later.

Still waiting to see if we got the house or not. We should hear something by next week at the latest but we’d like to know today. No biggie though really.

Of course both myself and my wife are already planning what to do with the house once we get it. Not a good thing but unavoidable at this point.

I did notice something in the pictures I took - it looks like the garage is wired for 220V. If that’s the case then that rocks because I’ll be able to put things like an industrial welder and similar things out there.

In case you haven’t noticed I _really_ like this house.

But...if it turns out we don’t get it then so be it. The market is just right for us to search for a place now and we’ll find something.

A ton of things to do as usual. My mother was supposed to come down either today or tomorrow but if it keep snowing like this it might not be wise for her to do so.

We’re going to have some friends over for New Years Eve so I’ve got make sure everything is all clean and nice before then so I’ll have less to clean up afterwards. They’re going to be doing computer gaming downstairs and I may join them but probably not right away. With all this going on I really need to just sit and relax a while.

It of course doesn’t help that I have THE PLAGUE. Ok, maybe not the plague but a really bad cold. I’m taking some medicine for it but what I really need is food and rest. Neither of which comes easily for me of late...

It also doesn’t help that I really really want pie today... Fuck it. I’m having pie before I go back out into the snow storm.

It’s funny but there’s always something you miss when planning for things. For instance it didn’t even occur to me that I should make sure the place we get has a place to store my jon-boat. The place we’re waiting on now _does_ have such a spot but I should have remembered to think of that regardless.

My main wiki site on my home server is still broken. I can’t figure out what the hell’s going on with MySQL5. It’s giving me really flakey behavior. I think the InnoDB is crushed so I’ll probably have to export all the databases, blow away the data structure, and then re-create it from scratch before re-importing all the data. What a pain.

Figure this one out. It’ll let me create a database. It’ll let me create tables. All the existing tables/databases check out ok. But when I try and drop a table or a database or repair a table the damn thing drops my mysql socket connection. WTF?

I hate having problems like this but I hate not having physical control of the machine even more. If that wasn’t an issue I’d probably host with someone out there. I suppose at this point it depends on what my electric bill will be in whatever house we end up buying. If it’s low enough then what I’ll do it just fire up the E450 and host things on that. Plenty of resources, plenty of power, and will run Solaris 10 and zones without an issue.

Many things to ponder...
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