nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

It's The Plague! The Plague I tell you!

January 2, 2008 11:10 AM

Happy New Year!

Not so good for me over the holidays. I was sick with some sort of viral thing that I seem to get every year around this time. Spent most of th last four days or so coughing up phlegm. Not fun.

I ran with it as a joke and have been telling everyone that I had “The Plague” for the holidays. Which of course has irritated my wife to no end. “YOU DON’T HAVE THE PLAGUE!” *snicker*

Regardless I’m not going to the damn doctor for it again. Partly because we’re waiting for new insurance cards to come in and partly because I don’t want another round of antibiotics that I don’t need. My body should be able to handle this without too much trouble. Just have to keep drinking fluids and hacking up crap...

Still haven’t heard anything on the house yet. We’re supposed to hear something today but I’m not holding my breath. Banks can take a long time to decide. And, as I’ve said before, if we don’t get it we’ll just keep looking.

The big problem with these sorts of things is that as you get closer to getting the item it bothers you even more if you end up not getting it. A most annoying thing but it’s hard not to get attached to something like the house that you’re hopefully going to be living in for at least half a decade if not longer.

Patience and a little detachment is the obvious solution but quite a bit of house buying is emotional attachment. You have to at least like _something_ about the house you’re buying or you wouldn’t be buying. If price is the only object and you need something really really cheap then you probably shouldn’t be buying a house.

Waiting to see how bad my check is this week with the new insurance taken out of it. Likely it’ll be pretty nasty but that’s not unexpected. Family health insurance of any quality costs quite a bit. And I have room to play because I can reduce the amount being saved out of my check to compensate. I’d like to not do that though but we’ll have to see how the numbers shake out.

Still haven’t tracked down what the hell’s up with my MySQL5 install on my home server. The damn thing seems to be stable except when I try and do whole database actions like drop an entire database. I can create new ones just fine but if I try and repair the bad one or drop a new one I just created the damn thing is still dropping my connection. Likely my install of MySQL is borked and I just don’t know it yet. I suppose I could do the package uninstall then manually remove everything and re-import it. I was able to export everything from all the other databases except for the mediawiki one. Thankfully I have a full export from the old server that covers up to a little of December. Re-posting all that data is not exactly trivial but it’s not too bad either. Just can’t wait too long if I’m going to re-do it from scratch as that data will grow rapidly as time goes on.

I really have to dink with all my server stuff at home. I’m still running all my servers and should only be running two at this point. I don’t want to move the DNS stuff until I’m sure I won’t have to re-load my existing system from scratch or not. Of course as long as I don’t set up new zones on the new server without replicating them to the old server then in the event the new server rolls over I could always put the old one back into service without too much trouble. Hmm...sounds like I’m making excuses for not moving stuff to the new server.

Still need to pick up a few things before we buy a house but those will have to remain on hold until I’m sure what the new numbers on my check are going to be like. As I said before they are probably going to suck for this check but I should be able to compensate before the next one if need be.

Regardless we need to get used to having little or no disposable income in the future anyway...
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