nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Wishing for summer...

January 3, 2008 11:05 AM

It’s been damn cold the last couple of days. It hasn’t helped that I’ve been trying to kick some crap that I picked up during the holiday season. I seem to have managed to pretty much knock that stuff out but this cold isn’t doing me any favors.

I miss summer but then if I never had anything to compare it to I suppose I wouldn’t miss it as much.

I suppose as human beings we’re hardwired to want summer instead of winter. I mean we can survive anywhere we can apply enough technology or skill but we still gravitate, for the most parts, toward warmer climates. There’s the obvious reasons such as perhaps a genetic memory that warmer climates bring more food and easier living conditions but I think that in general people also just seem happier in warmer areas. This is of course discounting all that crap that our society dumps on us. It’s hard to be happy with an anvil on your head. ;-)

Oh there’s all sorts of arguments for living in colder climates such as a larger amount of living space available, built-in refrigeration, more nuclear families, and quite a few things I haven’t even considered. And if such is your choice then so be it. Me? Somewhere down the road I’m headed towards warmer climes. My wife will of course argue the point but I think by the time we get to that stage in our lives she’ll come around.

And I suppose that’s part of reason a lot of people aren’t excited about space travel. It’s awfully cold and sometimes dark in space. That would be forbidding to anybody I suppose. But they need to see that we can make our own little warm places out there. Out own little warm points of light that are safe from the disasters on the planet. And with the continual increase in disasters on this planet we seriously need to look at moving out there.

I talk to so many people about space travel when I can and they all seem disinterested. Life on this planet takes a hell of a toll on our attention span!

And that’s something else to think about. I’m to going to say space will be filled with less peril or less tedium or less interruptions but you have to admit due to the separation of things out there it’s a lot less busy in most places humans might settle.

If we were to build L5 space stations that were self-sufficient and big enough for large groups of people to live in it would be a fairly controlled environment. People would end up having the one thing they don’t have on this planet. Time.

And that’s true of anything really. If you control it then you have the added luxury of time to figure out what to do with it.

On this planet it’s almost impossible to do that. There’s just too much going on. It’s not necessarily a bad thing overall but it leaves most people unable to do the one thing that they should be doing. Thinking.

And that’s the one thing that the human race can’t afford to fail to do - think. They need to just stop and think about what’s going on in their lives and the lives of those around them. I’m betting that quite a few of them would be highly surprised at what they come to understand. :-)

Remember the one Kurt Vonnegut story I mentioned? Harrison Bergeron? They guy that had his thoughts interrupted on a regular basis so that he would be “equal” to everyone else?

Right now though we’re the Harrison Bergeron of beings on this planet. We are constantly interrupted, most often by ourselves, so any progress we make is almost by accident!

Ok we’re going to make this wonderful...*war interrupts*.

Well how about we feed all the...*politics interrupts*.

We at least we can live our lives as we...*groupthink interrupts*.

All I want to do is make things with my ha...*job interrupts* *money interrupts* *people interrupts* *doubt interrupts*


Life on this planet is a continuos series of interruptions - most of them our own making. And those interruptions are killing us. And some of them are deliberate just to keep certain people under control.

Worst of all I don’t see a solution that the whole world would accept. Especially if some of those interruptions are deliberate. How do you talk a whole society out of interrupting itself to death? I’m pretty sure my voice is not quite loud enough to do that.

Excuse me...I have to go handle and interruption...
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