nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Experimental House Hunting Anime...FAILED!

January 4, 2008 11:32 AM

In case you didn’t get the title then watch the anime Excel Saga. (It’s good fun regardless and makes fun of anime itself. ;-)

So we didn’t get the last house. The seller was a bank who traditionally have a problem with people looking to finance 100% or have them pay closing costs. But once again at almost the 11th hour there was another offer put on the table in addition to the one that was so lowball we were sure to beat it. If that happens again I’m going to start to get suspicious...

As a good friend said though there are more fish in the sea. The longer we go on the more we risk our current loan approval so we still need to move fairly quickly. So we’re probably going to look at a few more very soon here. I’d like to at least get one bought before the end of this month even if we close in February.

People keep telling me to slow down and be patient but honestly we’re not moving fast because we have to we’re moving fast because we want to.

Neither my wife nor I want to wait on this cycle and since our search area is limited to my daughter’s school district we can see a lot more houses a lot faster than most people would. So...yes we are moving fast but no it’s not because we feel rushed.

My concern is still money though. I really want to stay very close to the $150k mark because that gives us a low payment that we can easily afford even when you roll in taxes and insurance. But we’re starting to get near the time crunch for the current loan approval and I’m obviously concerned. There’s no guarantee in this market that we’ll be able to get the approval renewed once it expires. And that could spell disaster for us. But while there is some concern it’s not even urgent yet.

Still haven’t fixed my main website yet. MySQL 5 is bizarrely whacked. I think I’m just going to try and rip it out and re-install it from scratch this weekend. That way the only thing I have to worry about is re-exporting the data from the old copy of the wiki and re-posting any remaining articles. That’s not that long a process but getting MySQL 5 working again could be a problem and if that’s the case I’ll have to fix it quickly because it controls our webamail access on that server. My wife will complain much if she can’t get to her personal mail while abroad. ;-) (I’m kidding of course - it would be me that would be frustrated. I _live_ on my e-mail every day.)

Fries but no pie today. Despite how badly I want it.

I think January is the month that really bugs me the most here in the great midwest. It’s cold and crappy and annoying. If it were cold but no snow then I could ride the bike. If it were so snowed in that we had to stay at home then I could get more done at home. It being neither it’s just annoying.

So I’ve officially claimed some cardboard boxes at work today so I can start packing things at home for the move. I think since they’re the bulkiest thing I will start packing the misc flotsam that is on the bookshelves. That way at least the shelves won’t hold anything but books. I’m still planning on just closing them up and wheeling them out but that may not be possible depending on who’s helping me move.

Regardless the more I get packed the better off we are. And if it turns out that I decide to pack the books then so be it. The wood I picked up to be used for the “slats” when closing up the bookshelves can easily be used elsewhere without too much trouble. And regardless the wood would be used to build something when we got everything moved anyway so that’s ok too.

When it comes down to it I really hate moving. It always takes way too much time and effort than you think it should and there’s almost never enough people to help unless you pay them. It is just an annoying thing all around. One day I hope to move into a house on some land where I won’t have to move ever again. (Note: This does not mean I want life in prison. ) What I want is someplace that my family and I can just be who we are and live out our days in peace and harmony.

Nothing but peaceful days...
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