nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

The deck of death!

January 6, 2008 1:59 PM

So we went house hunting again today. (Pictures here:

The first two we saw (Round 5 and Round 6 of Experiments in House Hunting) had some serious problems. Round 5 was a stone house that was sinking in front so much that the living room floor was significantly parabolic in shape. It also had point heaters in the bathroom and utility closet indicating that the furnace was not working. Round 6 was a hellishly incomplete rehab that we didn’t look at really long. It was just way too much work.

The next one (Round 7) was something that was move-in-ready but the sump pump was constantly cycling while we were there. It’s been a thaw the last couple of days so there was a lot of water and the lot slopes down to the house. The house is a serious contender if we can figure out what to do so the sump pump doesn’t need to run all the time. The other issue is that the house isn’t centered on the lot. The front lawn is HUGE while the backyard is tiny. I could put a workshop on that space but it would obscure the curb appeal of the house unless it was put really close to the front of the house. Of course what I could do would be to put a large garage+workshop in at the front of the property and then close off the existing garage and use the space for another bedroom or family room.

The second to last one I like to call Mold City (Round 8). It had a hellishly large amount of space in the basement that was unfinished and quite suitable for ALL my project needs. Unfortunately every drywalled wall in that basement looked like it had mold as well as the bathroom. It also looks like it needs electrical work. On the plus side there was a cop living across the street, a satellite dish installed, a fenced large yard once the fence by the garage was repaired, and a large garage.

Round 9 was the house that tried to kill me with it’s deck. (Okay maybe kill is the wrong word...maybe...bite would be a better word.) The deck hasn’t been cleaned in years and as I said it’s been a thaw for the last couple of days so it was slick and I slipped on it and landed on my ass. Other than that the house only had a few minor issues. The washer/dryer was in the kitchen area, the furnace was older, we’d need to buy appliances, and the electrical panel was an old fuse panel instead of a breaker panel. On the upside the garage was huge and it had central air. I’d have to mount the satellite dish on a pole or in the front yard possibly but something could be worked out there.

I actually like Round 9 the best despite the work needed. Unfortunately Round 8 and Round 9 are corporate owned and require the ernest money to be in certified funds as well as requirements that funding be completely in place when making an offer. That might kill the deal right there if they require something like a large cash outlay. I hate dealing with corporations. The MLS listing also has a buttload of disclaimers. Did I mention I hate corporations?
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