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Fracking collar stays...

January 8, 2008 11:05 AM

I really hate formally dressing up - at least in office attire that is. I seriously have to wonder how far behind people are to think that properly ironed collars, neckties, and perfectly short cut hair are REQUIREMENTS for efficient business function. I mean these things are all from the 1800s and have repeatedly been shown to increase people’s stress, point their focus in the wrong direction, and in general negatively affect efficiency in modern businesses. Almost to a one the companies that are considered the best places to work have business casual attire requirements.

If the person is focused on their clothing they will NOT be focused on their job. Period. Unfortunately that’s unlikely to change until people growing up now move into the halls of power. Of course the way that the old dogs in our government and super-sized corrupt corporations cling to power rather then generate it I have some doubts as to if things will change in m lifetime. (BTW a good corporation generates it’s own power structure by inspiring loyalty from its employees. If you can’t generate loyalty from your employees then all your are is a plantation owner with slaves.)

I don’t work for an overbearing corporation and I hope I never will. ( Overbearing corporations btw are ones that see people as objects and not human beings in my opinion. )

Still in the house hunting market. Neither myself nor my wife think putting an offer in on anything we saw last weekend would be a good idea. We have a whole host of others to see so I think I’m going to take some drive-by pictures tomorrow just to get a feel for the places to see if we want to schedule visits for them.

Another one of the ones we want to look at is another old farmhouse so I’m curious to see if it has some of the same issues as the other one did. (Curiously enough the other one is still listed on the website of the realtor in question so I’m wondering what’s going on there.) The other one that we really want to see is a newer home that has cedar siding and is, in reality, a little out of our price range at $165,900. I mean we _could_ afford that but it’ll be a tight squeeze because we’re not putting up any cash so we have to pay PMI which adds about $350 to the monthly payment so a house that is $165k+ that would normally be about $1k+/month ramps up to $1300/month. What a pain. I mean if you’re willing to give them a loan for the amount with no money down you shouldn’t add insult to injury. I know it’s a hedging of a bet by the lender but it feels really sleazy to me.

Really need to start packing at home but it’s been raining the last couple of days so getting the boxes home in the bed of my truck is problematic. They should fit in the back seat but I hate having things back there that obscure my vision. I suppose I’ll just have to put them back there so I can get them home but it’s just one more annoying thing.

We have a ton of stuff to pack. We need to pack all sorts of stuff including stuff in the kitchen. There’s an awful lot of stuff that needs to get boxed up but there’s a lot of stuff we’re not using due to space so choosing what to pack is not that hard. It’s just the time consuming act of packing and labeling that’s the issue.

I really need to start packing the rest of my books in my office. The loose ones of those are by far the biggest current packing candidates. After that it’s all the nick-knacks on the bookshelves. Then any loose misc in the bedrooms and the garage. And a lot more...

Thankfully a great number of things are still packed or on metro-racking. I don’t care what anybody says I’m renting a damn truck with a lift-gate. That means most of the stuff I have can just be rolled up onto the lift-gate, lifted into the truck, then roll it back into the truck. Reverse the order at the destination. It’s a hell of a lot easier than trying to fit all that stuff in multiple trips of my pickup. A _lot_ easier...
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