nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

When I grow up I want to be a Stay At Home Server!

January 9, 2008 12:59 PM

A friend of mine sent me a link to this book and I hope to hell it’s parody:

It’s supposedly a children’s book to introduce having a server in the home.

This thing feels wrong on so many levels. I mean it’s just another computer. And frankly most servers get tucked into out-of-the-way places where nobody can see them.

And beyond that a server is just something that stores electronic data and gives it back to you. Period. At the base level that’s _ALL_ it is.

Your TiVo is a server. It stores video in electronic form and gives it back to you when you want it.

Your computer at its core is a server - no matter what computer you have. It stores your data in electronic format and gives it back to you when you want it.

Anybody have a fancy iPod dock with wireless sharing? You’ve got a server. It “serves” wireless music to the rest of the house.

Run Folding@home as your screensaver? You’ve got a server. It “serves” folding results back to the main Folding network. (That definition is blurring the line a bit but you get the idea.)

About the only good I can see coming of this is that it slightly takes the edge off of growing up a geeky kid with computer equipment in the house. But with the trends of technology that’s happening anyway? How many people across the country stream mp3 files to their stereo? Have TiVo systems? Use GoToMyPc? All of them are doing far geekier stuff than any of their parents. People are ten times more technologically aware than they were a generation ago.

And they pass that on to their kids. And their kids do more of it and pass it on to their kids. And so on...

So why do we need a story explaining the presence of a computer in the house that sits in the corner and runs and does nothing, most of the time, apparent to the naked eye? We don’t.

This book is just another symptom of people looking for a way to have someone else teach their children so they don’t have to.

Any geek worth his salt, which is any _real_ geek not a scr1pt k1dd13z or 1337 h4x0r5, can explain a server simply to anybody who asks. Including a child. (Helpful visual aids include a filing cabinet and file folders but are not absolutely necessary as long as you keep the explanations short, simple, and well thought out.)

And if you’ve got a child it’s _already_ your responsibility to explain those things from your point of view so why would you want to let anybody else do it?
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