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January 17, 2008 11:14 AM

So one of the things that people in this world don’t handle well usually is stress. I took _me_ years, literally, to figure out how to deal with the damn stuff.

In case you haven’t read anything else please understand that I’ve worked in the I/T field for almost 20 years at this point. And there has been a literal ton of stress for most of those years.

Stress is a nasty bugger. It can leave you confused, tired, and in general in pretty bad shape if you let it. And that’s really the key - if you let it.

Way back when I learned something very important. You might _never_ be able to control the things around you but you can _always_ control how you react to them. (I know I’m being a bit “repeato-boy” here but please bear with me.)

The problem is that most people don’t ever believe that. They’re so wrapped up in things they “must” do that they don’t understand what they _can_ do.

You can’t easily change that person that is bothering you.

You _can_ change your environment most of the time so that it’s harder for that person to affect you. And you _can_ change your viewpoint so that person doesn’t matter and doesn’t affect you.

You can’t easily change the weather.

You _can_ see snowmen and kids throwing snowballs and sledding instead of slush and sleet and ice. (Most of the time anyway.)

It’s all about viewpoint.

For instance I know many people that get stressed out over their job and unless your job is a truly stressful job like police work, underwater welding, etc. there is no reason for that. (Even then there are ways to deal with this stuff.)

I’ve had some crappy jobs and I’ve had some good jobs but the one thing that is consistent about all those is that they were all temporary. Period. Even the one I have now is temporary. Even if you work for yourself that may only be a temporary position. This too shall pass.

About the only permanent jobs on this planet are those of being a parent. You have that job for life no matter how old you get. And even that job goes away when you pass on. (That depends a little on your cultural views too though - some parents hang around after passing to keep helping out.)

But eventually ALL jobs go by the wayside. We’re not immortal - at least not yet - so there IS an end to any job that you have now.

Close your eyes and repeat after me:

“This job is only temporary.
If I like it or I don’t this job is only temporary.
I will stay as long as I choose to or until they let me go.
During my time here I will do my best at my job regardless of the conditions.
If this job is no longer acceptable to me I will look for another one.
This job is only temporary.”

So...if the job is only temporary...why are you letting yourself stress out about it? Why do you let that annoying co-worker bother you?

If your job is giving you a problem then find another one. It may be hard to find one. It may be hard to find a better one. But in the end you’ll find something that is enjoyable if you keep looking.

And then you’ll stay at that job until you find something else that you want to do or until that job is no longer available.

Our time here is limited just by virtue of being what we are. Why would you want to spend that time doing something that bothers you?

I firmly believe that there is a job for everyone on this planet. No matter what you’d like to do, with some exceptions, you should be able to work your way to that job so that you can do it. You might not get there right away but you certainly _can_ get there if you try.

So many people put roadblocks of their own making in front of themselves, myself included, and they really don’t need to be doing that because there are so many opportunities out there.

And to the asshats telling everybody that they need to remain being a slave to your nasty-ass self or your nasty-ass company? Fuck you. There are literally a ton of things out there that can replace your nasty-ass and your nasty-ass company. What you are is the wife-beater in disguise and should not be allowed out of a small corral without a shock collar until you learn to treat people like the human beings that they are. A worker under you is in an abusive relationship. And like any abusive relationship the worker should get out or get you removed from the equation. Period.
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