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January 18, 2008 11:25 AM

In case the above makes no sense to you it means that you need to listen to more Robin Williams. It’s from a joke on being cold in Chicago.

It truly isn’t that cold really. At least not compared to previous winters. It just seems cold because we’ve had relatively warm winters for several years now. (And they say there’s no Global Warming...)

My mom’s coming down to visit this weekend and bringing her computer with her for me to look at. (Along with her wireless antenna from the back of the computer as well I hope.) She’s having the usual Windows problems so I think she has a bit of spyware/adware/crap on there that needs to be cleaned off. No biggie.

She’s due for an upgrade anyway. Her new printer isn’t supported under Windows 98 (a buttload aren’t any more) and she needs more RAM among other things. I think while she’s down here we’ll see if we can’t pick up RAM for her system and a copy of Windows XP. I’d like to switch her to a Mac but her knitting machine software might not like that. Also no biggie. At worst we should be able to get both things locally or a bit out of the way and then she’ll be fine. One way or another we’ll figure something out.

Crap. The router is down at home so I can’t get to my mail. Well that sucks. One thing I’m hoping to rectify with our house purchase is my connectivity. Even if I get the exact same bandwidth I’ve got I’ll be happy so long as it stays up and running all the time. I don’t mind the occasional outage but this once a month to once a week crap gets old really fast.

That reminds me that I still need to purchase the ADSL card for my Cisco 2610. I hope to be able to buy that next week but we’ll see how the finances go.

*pings router*

Damn. Still down. I was hoping it would reset itself like it’s done in the past but it doesn’t look like that’s happening. That means I have to go immediately home and power it off and back on. I really need to set up some sort of automated way of doing that to bypass this issue.

And I still need to do a ton of other things as well. The most immediate ones are laundry and packing the kitchen stuff up so that we’re ready when the ginormous china cabinet returns from its stay in California. I suppose I should call them and find out when they are going to start shipping the large stuff. Hopefully last but I can’t count on that.

And I need to get my Sun E450 out of the basement. And I need to get all the stuff in the garage organized. And I need to tear apart all the wood I’m going to use for closing up the bookshelves. And I need to ship boxes. And I need to have an old TV crated up and shipped. And and and and and and and....A BILLION OTHER THINGS!!!! AUUUUUUGHHHH!!!!


Sorry...overwhelmed there for a moment. I need more hands and more time. Or one or the other. I wonder if I can order Oompa Loompas on the web somewhere...
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