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January 21, 2008 11:11 AM

So we’re still waiting on the quote for the sewer hookup of the one house but it’s taking time we don’t have really. So we’re going to continue looking at houses this weekend and see what else is available. After crunching numbers with our mortgage broker even with PMI involved our upper limit is about $175k. That including taxes, insurance, PMI, etc. gives us a monthly payment of about $1450.00 which is well within our ability to pay.

We don’t want to waste time either so if the sewer estimate comes in heavy then we’re going to drop our current contender like a hot rock. There’s plenty of other things out there...

Truth be told both my wife and I just want this to be over. We want to buy a house, move, and then settle in for the long haul. We certainly seem to have enough to look at but honestly buying a house in this market shouldn’t be so damn hard.

Of course that puts our current contender in a new light. It’s been on the market a while and probably because of the sewer connection issue. (Recap - it needs to be connected to the village sewers 90 days after you buy it. That could cost quite a bit.) That means that either they need to seriously drop the price, pay closing, AND credit the sewer connection costs if they want to sell it.

Our broker is probably right - it’s probably too much trouble and a waste of our time. But I’m going to keep it on the table just in case...

So we’re going to be looking at houses again this weekend and within our specifications I easily printed 5 or 6 out of the one real estate site. It irritates me a bit that I can’t get direct access to the MLS. Seems to me that _all_ the data on a house should be available to buyers at any time.’s probably a violation but I bet you could make a pretty penny by having a real estate license and setting up a server that queries the MLS data when a particular number is entered and gives all the data back to a buyer who pays a fee. (Too easy - there’s gotta be a suitly law against it.)

Our broker mentioned that there are a lot more foreclosures out there than before and quite a few of them in our area. She offered to put us in touch with an agent who specializes in them but I want to give our agent a chance before going with someone else. But she’s right in that there are a ton of bank owned properties out there now.

And we need to move faster since our lender has been bought. (You can guess which one if you read the news.)

And if we don’t find anything and our funding disappears? Well then for now we put everything in storage and rent a small apartment somewhere.

Whatever happens we _will_ survive. And who knows? Maybe that’s what’s supposed to happen.

I’m going to keep my optimist’s hat firmly on my head though. In this market we can’t help but buy a house and well within our timeframe too.

A friend of mine made a joke about making up a web page “Pick Mike’s House!” with flash animation and everything. I think he’s got the right idea and we need to laugh at the situation. If we get too stressed out then we’ll certainly screw it up. And we definitely don’t want that...
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