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Not yet hit by a bus...

January 22, 2008 11:14 AM

...but sometimes it feels like it would be easier.

Tension is ramping up a little between my wife and myself because our pre-qualification runs out in about two weeks and might be problematic to be renewed.

We’re waiting for at least two of the estimates for the sewer hookup today but we’re still seeing other houses this weekend.

My mind is telling me to be cautious though because if they come back with a low quote they might be low-balling the quote. And since our broker told us that some of the hookups can be as bad at $30k it might really not be worth the gamble.

And who knows - there might be a considerably better house out there for us this weekend. Just have to wait and see.

I came up with a wonderfully inexpensive way to make the round Doctor Who like panels from the Tardis and even how to make them glow in any color I want. Better yet these things are blindingly simple to build and won’t cost a fortune AND can be made free-standing so that you don’t have to leave them with whatever house you make them for.

In fact just sitting here I figured out how to make them modular so that one circular panel can be attached to any other in whatever amount is needed. The trick though will be getting the lighting just right. You don’t want something pinpoint or you’ll see that behind the panel. You don’t want something too bright because then the place will look like a science lab. (Which might not be a bad thing if that’s what you want.) It’ll require some tweaking.

But that brings me right back to the house. I need a house to have room to build this stuff and time to create this stuff.

Of course creating doesn’t necessarily need space. Many many many people create things in smaller spaces than a single room or a single chair or a mote of dust in their eye.

I create words here but some of the things I want to create require my hands and wood and metal and glass and electronics and a whole host of other things. But right now I only have the space for words.

Oh to have infinite materials and infinite time and infinite space at my fingertips. That would truly be a joy. But realistically it ain’t happening. ;-)

So I have to bide my time and wait. Hopefully for not much longer. The feeling is very similar to the one I got waiting for our daughter to be born.

That strange timeless feeling where you feel like you are not moving forward and all the stress of the world is on your shoulders and you can do nothing but sit quietly and wait for it to ease into existence.

Damn this one’s taking a long time to be born...
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