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Looking for Mr. Goodhouse...

January 23, 2008 11:27 AM

So we’ve made up a list of houses to see this weekend and still have not heard back from the one realtor on the sewer price. No biggie. The seven we’ve “circled” today look like really good candidates. One has a heated garage, several have basements, one has a pool, and all of them seem quite ready to close quickly. I was easily able to throw out the one with the co-op as I have no stomach for Lawn Nazis. Let them move out to California where they seem to be accumulating.

Not sure if my mom’s coming down this weekend - she needs to send me an e-mail. *poke*

Regardless we’re looking at houses on Saturday and hopefully one of these will be a winner. If not then we’re going to have to start looking at them during the week. We’re cutting it close on our funding as it is.

I talked with my wife last night though and she’s ok if we don’t immediately get something. We can rent and be ok for a while and save enough money to put a down payment on something. I figure if we scrimp we can come up with about $10k in 9 months.

I really don’t want to do that though. I _want_ to get us into a home with this funding.

A friend of my wife’s remarked that we had had two houses bought out from under us at the last minute and that we can’t seem to buy a house in this market. I kind of agree. We should have had something but for two points. 1 - we’re noobs. Period. So looking at the wrong things right off caused us some delays. 2 - we’re wasting too much time waiting on particular issues.

So what it comes down to is we need to move faster. Fortunately the market is in that position too...
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