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January 24, 2008 10:56 AM

I won’t go into any details but $work has closed a couple of its divisions. One of them was half expected but the other two...

These sorts of changes make me nervous. Our division is just fine but the other two unexpected ones have been around much longer than I have been with the company.

From what I can tell this will not affect our house hunting. I’m not losing my job any time soon and our division is quite profitable so we’re ok there.

Speaking of house hunting we’re seeing 7 more candidates this weekend and we’re likely going to make an offer on one of them if they are as good as I think they are. Some of them look really good...

Still packing...or more precisely wanting to pack but getting home and not wanting to do anything but rest when I get home and ending up not packing.

I’m such a lazy bastard sometimes.

Part of it I know is sleep. I haven’t been sleeping well of late and I haven’t been catching up on it like I usually do on Wednesdays when nobody is there. Hopefully I can resume that pattern next week and get some rest but it looks like I’m in for another Super Hyper Monkey Bonus Round of Mike’s Life.

Another part of the problem is that I haven’t done anything creative for a while now. I need to do those things but right now I have neither the space nor the time nor the energy. Really puts a damper on anything I want to do.

Things will be better when we have a house. Even if I need to work more hours I’ll still be able to come back to someplace that is ours and not someone else’s. (Barring the bank of course.)

Like I’ve told people over the long as I have solid ground to stand on I can move anything...

Still all this confusion is a pain in the butt. And almost without fail once the fabric of the tapestry evens out another twist and warp is put in place. It’s more than a little annoying. B-(


Of course! The repeated twist and warp is from the shuttle of the loom moving back and forth as the tapestry is woven! Huh. Wonder why I never thought of that before. much as I am loath to admit it...all this added chaos is not only planned but always seems to have a good outcome if you work through it. If only to teach you something that you should not do again. And I’m thankful for the things the Goddess gives me I just wish they wouldn’t come so often.

Temper a piece of steel too many times and it cracks. Weave thread the wrong way and it tangles and frays.

Speaking of Goddesses I really need to show some artists my scripts for the web comic idea I’ve got written. I owe it to Tell and Astra. (Two of the main characters. Tell...she was the one who “spoke” to me first. ;-) Anyway they need to be shown to someone who can draw them.) I’m way behind in the story and need to get moving on it but I really want to find someone who can bring them to life. It will likely help a lot with writing for them.
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