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Fast and slow, fast and slow, a waiting we will go...

January 29, 2008 11:11 AM

So our fate is currently in the hands of the underwriters as we speak...

I faxed my current W2 to our broker since I happened to get it today. That should help dispel any fears that I can’t cover the mortgage payments if the lenders should ask.

It’s painful as all hell putting your hands in someone you never met, don’t know, and will likely never meet.

Regardless provided we get the house I have to let our friends know that it’ll still be ok for them to come over and do laundry. I can afford to help them out in that way even if I have to pay a water bill. (I don’t now because it’s a house with a well.) Eventually they’ll be able to put a washer/dryer in their house and that will end that cycle.

My daughter’s special education people are trying to muck around with her future again. They want to take her and put her into a program at their facility. Seeing as their facility, from what I’ve seen of it, pretty much focuses on burger-flipping skills I’m not going to let that happen. They were supposed to have another program for all the kids in her class that was in a regular school but once again I don’t have any data on that.

Worse yet there is a rumor that they are giving one of the aides there crap because she’s actually teaching my daughter not just letting her get away with whatever she wants.

If they think that they have control of the situation then they are wrong. I just hope I don’t have to dig into my bag of dirty tricks to get them to behave. _They_ work for _us_ not the other way around.

I hate having to force people to do anything - I really really do - but when it comes to the well-being of my child certain rules don’t apply. And quite bluntly that’s true of any parent of any worth - just ask one.

We will likely start seriously packing this weekend. My wife brought home newspapers last night but I didn’t pull them out of her van. I’ll try and remember to do that tonight. I’ve got more boxes in my back seat and will bring even more home tomorrow. It would help if it wasn’t raining outside because then I could just throw them in the bed of the truck but such is life.

We’re hoping to schedule the home inspection by the end of this week but it truly does rest in the hands of the lenders as to if we proceed with that. Everything is on hold until they get back with us.

Quite frankly I don’t know what to say if they deny the loan. We have enough cash to rent but that really will put the bite on us saving money for a down-payment if that’s what is necessary. *shrug* If it all goes that direction then we’ll deal. Neither one of us will like it but we’ll deal.

I hate to think that’s all we can do though. It’s not enough to “just deal with it” all the time. There has to be a point at which you plan for things enough that you aren’t constantly “dealing with it”. But then maybe that’s not true. Maybe in those situations you just have a better capacity for “dealing”.

And maybe that’s all I’m looking for here...
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