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There _is_ a future there...

January 30, 2008 11:26 AM

I’m just not sure which one.

I have a fair amount of friends that claim that all is gloom and doom and humanity consists of 95% crap and that anybody would screw over anybody else given the chance.

I call bullshit.

We just can’t be that bad as a species. Period. If we were that bad then we’d have long destroyed ourselves. And we’ve had enough serious situations that ALMOST did that throughout our histories. Yet we still survive.

Try this.

Look up the number of people committing a particular crime. (Robbery, murder, etc.)

Now look up the number of people doing a good deed. (Donations, volunteer work, etc.)

I’m betting that unless you pick a really small sample of either you’ll find that on a complete global scale the good deeds outweigh the crimes by a far margin.

The numbers couldn’t go in the other direction. It’s just not possible and have us remain the society we are at the moment. We’d degrade to chaos within weeks if not days.

I can look around me while I sit here at the restaurant and at this place in this slice of time - nobody is actively committing a crime. Except perhaps having pie when they shouldn’t. ;-)

Oh I’m sure it’s possible that a few people within my sight are active criminals but just looking around...

Nobody is taking other people’s food.

Nobody is stealing the tips from empty tables.

Nobody is walking out without paying.

Nobody is bothering other people while they eat. (Not a crime but annoying nonetheless.)

Nobody has pulled a weapon.

Nobody has robbed the till.

Nobody is doing much but eating, reading, talking, or typing.

For this amount of order to exist, and exist for every day that I come here and eat, there has to be a greater order around it. For that greater order to exist there has to be people of order within it. And so it goes outward just from where I alone sit.

The roads are drivable, there are new buildings and homes being built every day, there are people living their lives in this state and in every other state, country, and continent on this planet.

While there _are_ people sowing chaos and doing evil they are far outnumbered. They show up better against the backdrop because what they do so we think they are more than they are.

And while I’m sure someone will point out that maybe it’s just a safe little area where I am the fact of the matter is that just because chaos and evil are concentrated in an area does not mean that they increase the overall amount of chaos or evil.

Thus if you spread those concentrations out over the rest of the planet they only add up to a small amount of the whole.

And that’s really what we need to keep in mind.

Yesterday I said to look at the person nearby you and help them if you can. Yes. Individuals are important but you also have to remember the rest of the world as a whole.

The one is a method to maintaining and improving the other.

And we _are_ improving as a species. Despite the highly visible lies and crimes and deceit we are improving.

People have to remember that within our daily sphere we have groups that want to sensationalize horror and chaos and strife to gain money. That’s their whole goal.

So when you see a bunch of news reports on “These crimes are increasing rapidly!” you have to take the time to find out for yourself.

I’m betting you’ll be surprised at what you find out if you look....
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