nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

A million pieces of paper...

February 4, 2008 11:03 AM

So I’ve spent a good portion of my morning faxing and e-mailing pieces of paper with numbers on them to our mortgage broker. I think we’ve managed to cover all the bases except my wife’s current pay stub this Friday.

There’s got to be a better way. Unfortunately I can’t figure one out. If we allow the banks electronic access to all our personal information then we run the risk of more abuse. If we do everything by paper then we end up pretty much where we are now.

About the only thing that I can think of would be an expiring read-only access. Basically they could get to all the accounts at a moments notice but that access expires in 6 - 12 hours and can no be re-done for another 7 - 14 days by anyone. Even then that’s a sticky solution because it’s a security feature and as long as there are humans there _will_ be a way to defeat any security feature.

Still it is most annoying to have to fax/scan/e-mail 30 sheets of paper or more. And an experienced home buying friend tells me that I’ll have to go through the exact same process when I re-finance. As Alton Brown is wont to say “Oh bother.”

On top of all this we have the home inspection tonight which is supposed to take about three hours. I can’t complain too much because if it takes three hours that means he’s doing a thorough job of it. I’m going to bring my camera with me just in case though. Regardless I don’t mind taking the time but it was more than a little annoying we had to wait until the last minute due to the lenders being swamped.

On the weather front it’s actually raining here as well as thundering and lightning off and on. All this with a good foot of snow on the ground. Blech. Once again I will whine that I intend to retire somewhere tropical regardless of what my wife wants. -_-

Still in times like this when the weather is bad is when you want a house inspection done. That way you have weather to contend with and anything weather related that could cause a problem is easier to detect. I didn’t plan it that way but it does work out oddly enough so I’m mildly pleased with the situation.

In the midst of everything we started filling more boxes last night. We’ve gotten about 35% of the kitchen packed and should finish that this week if we continue working on it.

As of today our friend’s stuff is on the moving truck headed this direction and we should have enough room downstairs to put everything without issue. As I stated before the only thing going upstairs right away is the huge china cabinet because it’s too damn heavy and it needs to go right in the kitchen. We’ll have space for it without a problem. Thankfully though it doesn’t arrive for another 7 - 14 days. Going to be a pain carrying all that stuff into the basement though if it shows up before our friend does/ He’s driving out this direction and dropping his wife in Oklahoma or Nebraska where his daughter’s house is before ending up here to help unload.

Just got a call from my wife and our insurance agent needs $600+ to move forward with the homeowner’s insurance so I told her to tell our agent that we’ll pay it the end of the week. Always more and more money to be put out...

I don’t mind too much because it gets us what we want. What I really mind is having to put out large chunks of money all at once. It’s a pain in the ass. I can do it, and will have to do it for the mortgage, but I’d much rather put out smaller chunks over time that add up to the big chunk. In fact that’s one of my plans for our mortgage payment. I’ll likely set up and automated payment for it so that it gets paid out of the account every week regardless of if we overpay it or not. The only problem with that is it makes the “lean” weeks _really_ “lean”. Likely I’ll chunk it into two big chunks of about $800 every “fat” week. (That’s estimating a monthly house payment of about $1600.00 or so. I still don’t have a final number yet and likely won’t get a completely final one until closing.) We should probably start automating that now so we can get it moving but I don’t want to change the account balances at the moment. occurs to me that I could also break it up into $600 on “fat” weeks and $200 on “lean” weeks and come up with the whole amount without killing us.

(Those of you reading between the lines here will probably realize that our financing got approved and we should be closing on the house by the end of this month. Yay for homeowner debt.) (And, oh yeah, it’s my birthday. I’m 39. Blech.)

So all the financial stuff should work out okay but as usual I can’t help but worry about it. There’s something about being without money in this society that sucks so badly that most people want to avoid it like the plague. I’d really like to move beyond that one day to a point where I’m producing money as a by-product of what I want to do.

As for the house I am now guilty of putting all sorts of plans in my head of what I want to do once we move in. (A fact that my wife will give me no end of shit for because I told her not to think of such things until we have the keys.) One of the biggest things I need to get done right away is to get 220v run to the garage. I want that done as soon as we can possibly do it. I can run the internal circuits myself as long as I have a breaker box to run the out of.

Other things include some sort of rain collection barrel to use both for swamp-cooling the garage and watering the lawn. Eventually solar panels but those will come later. Insulating the whole garage so its well sealed against the elements. At least one wall covered with white melamine to be used as a whiteboard because there’s just something so cool about being able to draw out your entire idea on a large scale before getting started.

I will also have the depth of the footings on the house checked for the obvious purpose of expanding the crawl-space into a full basement. I’m hoping the footings are 6 foot deep but I won’t hold my breath since the house was built in 1955. But a full basement would add some personal value to the house if not any real value - especially since it’s got an outside only entrance. I suppose though that if we did that I could make the basement an apartment and rent it out to bring in income. Hmm...not a bad idea....

My wife is likely fuming right now because “I” am making plans with “our” house. ;-P

Can’t help it really. But we still have to jump through all the hoops and actually _get_ the house in the first place. And there’s still a number of hoops we have to jump through yet...
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