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We came, we saw, we inspected!

February 5, 2008 11:15 AM

And it was a house.

Minor things wrong but nothing unlivable. And honestly with the exception of one thing I can do the necessary repairs myself.

A nice starter house for us. So at the moment we’re waiting on the appraisal and then we tentatively close on the 28th of this month.

Still trying to keep a lid on it because this could all still blow up and leave us high and dry. (Yes, I’m being pessimistic.) Hopefully though it will all go well.

One annoying thing that I’m going to have to see what it’ll cost a plumber to change is where the water shutoff is. It’s currently in the back rightmost corner of the crawl-space. Which kind of makes me wonder where the meter is at. If it’s under there that’s going to be a pain. Maybe I can put a camera down there or something. But then I’m pretty sure the city wouldn’t accept a camera meter reading.

The footings don’t appear to be deep enough for me to dig out the crawl-space into a full basement unfortunately. That doesn’t rule out the prospect but makes it considerably more expensive to consider because they would have to dig it out, support the house while doing so, extend the footings down further, then pour a slab floor. Not the simpler prospect I was hoping for of digging out then pouring a slab. *shrug* No biggie.

Still need to get a quote on having a 220v circuit run to the garage but that won’t happen until after closing.

Getting swamped with things. I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do at work, packing to do at home, cleaning to do at home once we pack, then the whole moving thing. And some time this week a car is being delivered. Then about a week or less later a large moving truck is showing up to deliver all of our friends’ stuff. Thankfully they hired movers to help move all the stuff inside so there won’t be a ton of back-breaking stuff.

We should be able to get a bunch of boxes filled this week so that at least all the loose stuff is packed. After that we can start on packing the bookshelves if we so desire. I was planning on just closing them up and moving them but many many many (ok shut up about it you guys!) people have said that the shelves would be too heavy to dolly around and in and out of the house. So likely I’ll be packing those up along with everything else. And the wood I brought home for said purpose can easily be re-purposed at the new house.

Huh. It’s damn hard not to make plans now. It’s almost like a momentum gets built up then inertia makes “not planning” about as useless as pebbles voting in an avalanche. The parking brakes are coming off I guess...

I need to buy a line-voltage capable circuit tracer. I need to know how the circuits are laid out in that house before I start moving and plugging in computer equipment. That and I need to ground at least the one set of outlets in the third bedroom almost immediately. ‘Puters don’t take too kindly to bad grounds.

Oddly it works out that the breaker panel is in the closet in the third bedroom because that means I can easily change the wiring for at least the outlets in that room without too much trouble. It likely means going into the crawl-space to do it but such is life.

I wonder if that space heater out there in the garage is actually good...
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