nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

That'll teach me to be lazy...

February 7, 2008 11:12 AM

So it’s been snowing on and off the last couple of weeks and I just let it go.

Yesterday it dumped about 12“ - 15” of snow in our laps and I didn’t get my fat lazy ass out there to shovel.

So it built up until it was almost impossible to get into the driveway.

No problem right? I’ve got a lawn tractor with a plow!


The lawn tractor decided to start blowing oil last night and wouldn’t stay running. So I ended up shoveling a lot of snow by hand.

Thankfully our housemate, and eventually my wife, was out there shoveling with me. Our housemate already has back problems from previous years as a mechanic so I feel really bad that he was out there getting chewed up for something that was really my fault. Anyway we got it all shoveled as well as the back walk and most of the deck. ( )

So we’re packing but not quite fast enough to suit me. I need to fill quite a few boxes tonight to make myself satisfied with the progression of this stuff. I’ll probably start on books in the bookshelves tonight and work my way towards by office. If packing the DVDs is any indicator we’re probably going to need a lot more boxes...

More things I have to “just do” and not put a lot of thought into. Sometimes, (my friends are probably snickering as they read this), I tend to over-think things. The action gets lost in a morass of “What if”’s and “Maybe this would be better...” and “I’ll get to it eventually...” and a great many other things. Like I said before - I’m stuck.

So...more “just do” is needed.

And on that tack I guess I’ll start packing the moment I get home regardless of what I want to do. (My body would love me if I just flopped on the couch and took a long nap but that’s truly bad for me and I need to avoid that like the plague.)

I will do something before I start packing though - finish shoveling. I left some areas unfinished due to time and I need to finish those before they deliver our friends’ car tomorrow.

I figure we can put the car where my truck is now and that way my wife and I won’t have to switch cars every evening.

I really can’t wait for this move to be over. I hate moving. It’s massively disruptive to anything I want to do.

Two things that would make the world a much much better place: Teleportation and Star Trek style replicators.

Being able to go home from work instantaneously and being able to eat whatever I choose would go a long way to improving my daily workday. ;-)
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