nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Can't will eat me...

February 8, 2008 12:09 PM

So I had trouble getting to sleep last night because my mind was doing all sorts of gyrations about what I can do with the house we’re buying.

I don’t have a problem with having ideas but having them keep me form sleeping is another thing entirely.

Some of the ideas in no particular order:

A free-standing cedar lining for the partial basement on the one side so that I can ferment beer down there. (It needs to be free-standing so that it can be moved in case someone needs to get to the main sewer line.)

Separating the garage into two parts - one for electronics/woodworking/crafts and the other for metalworking/automotive/home maintenance.

A small electric wind generator on the garage or house roof using the simple 90V motors that are common.

Solar-voltaic panels on both the house and garage roofs.

A partially buried rain barrel in back of the garage with a screen on top and sealed 4“ pvc pipes running through it in and out of the garage. This, along with a small solar powered electric fan will work as a swamp cooler for the garage. (I’d fully bury it but I’d likely run afoul of ”groundwater retaining“ laws or some-such.) I’ll have to make sure it’s got a fine mesh screen on it that prevents mosquitos.

I’m still curious as to if I could make a windbelt (Google it) quiet enough to run all the way across the ridge-line of the garage. Likely it would be too loud.

A bank of batteries and an inverter and charger setup in the garage.

A free-flow pipe grate in the fireplace.

A solar powered fountain that only uses rainwater. (A simple moisture sensor circuit and a solar cell would be really easy to do.)

A free-flow wood stove in the garage. (I can actually build one of those. In principle they’re pretty much a firebox with pipes wrapped around them top-to-bottom. It wouldn’t be as efficient as a commercial one but it would still work quite well. A 30 gallon steel drum, my existing wood stove kit, and some exhaust pipe would easily suffice for basic materials. That and some firebrick.)

Some of the tubular skylights in both the house and the garage. They’ll interfere with solar panels but I think the natural light would be worth it.

LED lighting in a great many places. CF lighting in others.

A whole-house phone system complete with voicemail. (Asterisk rocks!)

Converting my lawn tractor from gas to electric. (I figure if someone can run a whole car on a bank of 9 lead-acid batteries I can run a lawn tractor on three.)

A garden between the back of the shed and the back of the garage. (I’m planning on growing square watermelons this spring/summer.)

Expanding the deck so that it goes between the garage and the house. Either that or actually connecting the house and the garage and enclosing, among other things, the basement entrance.

A 220V breaker panel in the garage. (This will likely happen immediately if I can afford it.)

Fully insulating the basement floor joists as well as the attic rafters.

A partial Tardis as the basement door.

A Tardis interior on the inside of the garage. (As much as is practical that is.)

There’s a whole host of other things but they escape my mind at the moment...
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