nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

From Grave to cradle...

February 12, 2008 11:23 AM

What a wonderful week so far.

My wife’s grandfather died last week so we have a visitation and funeral this week. I spent yesterday helping unload our landlord’s moving truck into the basement - on one of the coldest days of they year. And I’m way behind at work. Yeah...this week is pretty much a wash.

Still not moving on the house. We’re waiting on the title search to come back and the appraisal still. In the meantime we’re putting our life in boxes. And boxes....and boxes...and boxes...

it’s been damn cold out! I think it actually reached 12 degrees yesterday during the middle of the day and the only reason I know that is that it got warm enough to cause the “arctic melt” stuff to activate and remove some of the slickness in the ice on the driveway. That helped quite a bit when moving boxes but left a trail of crap in the house that I had to clean up. Needless to say I’m going to be scrubbing the floors - especially off the manufactured flooring - before it causes a problem.

Having lunch with my wife today. She’s a beautiful woman but she needs to learn to manage her stress better. She’s burning herself out and she really doesn’t need to. She’ll learn eventually but I hope it’s not too late before she does.

So tomorrow I have a half day because I have to watch my daughter for the visitation then Thursday I have the funeral to go to. That leaves me Friday to deal with any remaining problems that happened during the week. No biggie. I don’t have anything else planned so I’ll probably work late today and Friday to catch up.

With her grandfather passing away and us moving to a new house it’s odd that I think of it as a death and a rebirth together. The events shouldn’t be connected but they feel that way. Her grandfather passed to the grave and we will soon pass to a new cradle of life. Don’t know why that comes across my synapses that way but it does.’s tough waiting for the transition. I suppose it’s kind of like being born or dying. Nothing to do but wait until the event happens. An as many people before me have said - waiting is the hardest part...
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