nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Square Watermelons...

February 13, 2008 11:16 AM

Them’s what I’m gonna grow in my garden once spring hits.

This is all provided we get the house. It supposedly has a sold sign on it but I still haven’t heard if the title search has come back or not. The closing money shows as cleared in the bank account but I know from experience that it can easily take 7 days minimum for an out-of-state check to clear. Once I’m sure it’s cleared I’ll move it to one of the secondary accounts so it’s out of the way of day-to-day spending.

Oh and I heard wrong - we close on the 28th not the 29th. For some bizarre reason we can’t close on the leap year day. WTF? Whatever...

Still boxing... Now that our friend’s china cabinet is safely ensconced in the kitchen I will probably throw a blanket over it and put boxes and other things in front of it to help clear out our working space for packing. And there’s still a TON to pack.

I haven’t even started on my office yet. Or the bedrooms. And then there’s still the rack downstairs and everything in the garage. I may not even get to the shed immediately. I think that once I move the boxes back into the kitchen then I’ll start on the one bookshelf in the corner and the contents of my daughter’s desk. I may even break down my daughter’s computer and pack it. She has the laptop now anyway so all I have to get her is a new monitor, port replicator, and extra power supply. And those I can buy after closing.

I’ll have to start pricing the service for the water heater the moment we move in. That and the gas lines for the furnace. If I can’t afford the 220V in the garage then so be it. I can wait a little on that if I need to.

Talking with my friend while they were here I might slightly revise my plans for the in-ground passive cooler for the garage. He mentioned that if I wanted to take full advantage of the thermal difference it would have to be 8 foot deep - something I have forgotten - so what I might just do is get an inspector over there to tell me how deep I can dig and if I need a permit to do so. Then what I’ll do is sink a u-shaped pair of 4“ - 6” PVC pipes with the inlet and outlet into the wall of the garage near the base. I will likely have to get a survey because of that damn toilet flange in the garage because that means the sewer pipe runs out there and I need to make sure i know where that is before I do this.

Point in fact a survey of the yard is almost a given for someone who buys a house. I mean how am I supposed to grow my square watermelons if I can’t dig out a garden.

I’ll still likely have a rain barrel though. Probably with a copper “rain chain” above it. Overflow from the rain barrel will obviously be properly directed away but I see no reason that the downspout portion can’t be something other than a standard downspout as long as it properly directs the water. And anyway 4“ hoops of copper in a chain will go well with the look of the house.

You wouldn’t find me putting them down the side of the house though.

For the house downspouts I’m seriously considering putting in a small piping system - say 3” PVC pipes - surrounded by red brick that direct the water down to the street. In fact if I did it right I could use it to separate out a simple garden area. My wife and I aren’t all that big on front lawns and she freely admits that she’s not a gardening person so I think it would work out.

I really hope everything goes ok with this from this point on or we’ll be really bummed out for quite a while...
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