nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Well it seems to have been killed...

February 18, 2008 11:13 AM

The plague that is. I’m feeling considerably better than I did over the weekend. Unfortunately our “plagueness” put a serious delay in what we’re doing. For instance we got almost nothing done this weekend, laundry, dishes, nothing.

So the next few days we’re going to be playing catch-up which while not a common occurrence is also not unheard of in our lives.

We seem to be all set to close the end of this month without any issues. We’re planning on moving the weekend of March 8th so we better get cracking and reserve a truck to help us do that. (I’m getting one with a damn lift-gate. No cold-weather-trying-to-carry-things-up-a-ramp for us!) Not sure what that’s going to cost but it shouldn’t be more than a day or two rental at most.

Besides, as soon as we have the keys and I’m done doing minor things, (change the locks, clean, minor repairs, spiritual cleansing, etc.), we’re going to start bringing boxes over. We both have vehicles that can carry stuff and at worst I can put a tarp over the top of the bed of my truck and unload into the garage. Things like the plywood I have out there, my workbench, tools, etc.

I’ll also move the small vehicles during that time as well. (Bikes, lawn tractor, maybe boat, etc.) I can’t really put those in the moving truck without causing problems and if I move them first then I can get them placed before I unload any boxes which will make my life a little easier.

I’m hoping like hell that the weather is better when we move. I’d hate to have to move with a bunch of snow and ice in the way. And if the weather is better I’ll be able to unload the shed without too much trouble.

However, shed’s going to be problematic anyway for one reason if no other - I constructed the metro-racking inside it and it will have to be at least halfway dismantled before it can be removed because it’s too tall otherwise. (Oops!) Shouldn’t be a problem because I got a spare set of the same racks back when our housemate re-organized his room. I can set those up in the garage or even in the truck and just transfer boxes to them and then just roll those off the truck when we unload.

Fries today but no pie.

I’m really going to have to work hard on getting into better shape. Fortunately with the lack of money for fast food and all the things we need to get done at the house I should at least be more active. I’m planning on obtaining a treadmill somewhere though. It’ll go in the garage because that’s honestly where I want it. I will likely put some sort of blinds on the garage doors so people aren’t subjected to “fat guy running on a treadmill”. The last thing I need to pay for is someone else’s therapy. ;-)

I also want a “heavy bag” just for stress relief. There are many times when I just need to beat on something and have not often had the opportunity.

Regardless the house is going to keep me pretty busy and pretty broke for quite some time. Both should be good incentives for me to eat healthier and get more exercise. Exercise at home is cheap. And not being able to buy fast food means you need to make something at home. And with a little planning that can be pretty healthy if a bit more expensive than eating a bunch of pre-made boxes microwave junk dinners. (Though I will have to kick my Dinty Moore addiction - I love their beef stew and their turkey meals.)

Maybe the sellers will want to close early...
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