nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Plans within plans within plans...

February 19, 2008 11:19 AM

So we got a firm date and time for our closing yesterday however the person we had look over the mortgage paperwork and he noticed that the homeowner’s insurance wasn’t rolled into the monthly payment.

So my wife has sent off an e-mail to our broker asking why not. Me personally? I am content with writing a check every month or having it auto-debited from one of the three accounts. That seems to have worked well enough for us with our car insurance so I accept that they seem competent enough to not screw that up. Other people not so much...

The three biggest things I’m going to do once we get the house are:

1) Change all the locks.

2) Clean the house - both physically and energy-wise. (I’ve got a good cleansing ritual in mind already but I need to go out and get raw sea salt.)

3) Change over all the utilities. (This I have to do in coordination with our friend so our housemate isn’t left shivering in the cold with no TV and no internet.)

I think I’m going to go with Speakeasy for an ISP even though I am getting a little less in the way of product for my money. That is made up for by the increase in service in my book. I suppose I could go with AT&T but they seem to be raising their prices and not giving anything more.

I’ll lose three IPs but I’m not really using those three. Our housemate is serving his mail off of one of them but we can work something out there. And an extra IP would only cost me $10/month so maybe he could chip for that and I could run the server off of my connection. Like I said we can work something out.

I need to find out if that space heater in the garage is good or not because it’ll make a difference in dealing with certain things. I’m hoping it works ok and is not electric because that means there’s already a gas line run to the garage. And that means I can change the heater out if necessary. I’d love to put forced air out there but that may not be in the cards.

On the plus side since it’s out there it might mean that there’s a good circuit out there that can take some decent current. Good news for my wire-feed welder and a umber of other things.

I still want 220V out there though. A garage just doesn’t seem like a garage to me without 220V... ;-)
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