nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

I have a great need...

February 21, 2008 11:27 AM find a way to pay off this thing I’m going to be buying soon and then do nothing but produce hand-made crafts and inventions until I can move somewhere warm and really retire.

One of my friends actually told me I wasn’t a “spring chicken” any more and he’s right. Things will be better provided I can lose the weight but all these late nights at work are starting to take their toll. They aren’t often any more but they hit harder.

For instance I left work at midnight last night and got home at quarter-to-one and pretty much got to sleep at one in the morning. Then I got up at about five thirty today and left the house at six thirty to go to work. And I’m damn tired.

And there’s still a lot left to do. (For those techie types we’re doing a desktop migration from one Active Directory to another. That means hands-on for every desktop - including things like Windows losing the old user profile completely and you having to set up a power user from scratch.) So I’ll be in on Sunday as usual so I can get things done. The week after that though I’m taking off before and after our closing even if I need to take vacation time to do it.

Once the closing and the move are done with I’ll be able to sort all this stuff out but right now it’s a serious confusion. I’m bringing home some more boxes today so we can pack more. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some stuff packed and laundry done on Saturday while my wife is at work in the morning. (Our motto there is “Overtime is always approved.” - I can’t get it but she can and does.)

I saw a wonderful idea today that I can’t implement in our house unfortunately. It was a set of stairs designed so that they were also bookshelves. Paperbacks fit between the risers and the outside walls were shelves. The outside walls and underneath support the steps so you don’t need wooden risers. If we ever dormer out the roof it would be a wonderful idea.

I am seriously thinking about cleaning up the upper storage area of the garage and putting a tiny writing desk against the wall behind the basketball hoop. There looked like there was enough space to do that and a small spiral staircase in the corner would be easy to build. I think it would be a wonderful place to write quietly with a fountain pen. Provided nobody was playing basketball at the time that is. ;-)

And there are plenty of wood sources provided you’re not looking for rare or special woods. I can find a great many shipping pallets and crates from many places that have to pay to recycle them and thus are willing to give them away. As long as you’re creative that wood will serve for quite a few projects.

Let’s see....

Hot water heater repair needed.

Soft copper gas line to the furnace needs to be replaced.

Gutter extensions need to be installed.

Those three are the big ones that need to be handled immediately once we move in. Everything else can be done slowly over time...
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