nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

More raining...more pouring...

February 25, 2008 11:17 AM

So on Friday my truck decided that it had had enough and now the transfer case works in 4wd but makes a noise like ice in a blender in 2wd. It’s going to cost probably a grand at least if I have somebody else do it but if I wait until after we’ve moved and I have the space in the garage to get it done myself I can likely knock that down to below $500. I’ve decided to wait until after we move.

So long story short we’re a one-car family until we close on the house and I can get my truck fixed. (Or the weather gets above 40 degrees consistently and I can ride the bike.)

This situation is of course causing me no end of issue with my schedule. I’m used to getting to work at or around 6 a.m. and today I got there at 6:45 a.m. - almost a full hour later. My wife is none too thrilled with the situation either. Worse yet I have to leave work at the time I normally do because I have to pick up my daughter.

On top of this I’m dealing with the fallout from a network migration at the office, I can’t seem to find a truck rental place that has a truck with a lift-gate except for business rentals, I came into work this last weekend without taking a day off during the week so I’ve got that “never leave work” feeling, my body is not getting enough sleep nor the right food, the weather looks like it’ll be crappy for the move, and I _still_ haven’t gotten my office boxed at home let alone anything else.

Did I miss anything? Oh yeah - I haven’t done my taxes yet and can’t find the interest statements from the bank and credit union.

On top of all this SEDOM is talking about putting my daughter in a “life skills” class next year. This is basically a “burger flipper” class in my book and I refuse to accept that. We will continue to focus on academics and speech and OT even if I have to beat the hell out of somebody (metaphorically speaking that is) to make it happen.

I mean WTF are they thinking? She’s finally breaking through on her language stuff and awareness! She even made an origination at school the other day that she hated P.E. ! (Most geeks do.) She NEEDS INTERACTION TO LEARN. The “life skills” class is NOT going to give her that. The “autism” class is not going to give her that.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again - they’ve forgotten who the parents are. And while most parents would likely be more than willing to hand that much control off to the schools I and my wife are not.

Unfortunately they are dissolving the existing class so we have to figure out where she’s going to go. She’s potty trained so she _could_ be mainstreamed but I’m not sure she could handle that yet. (Let me rephrase that - I have no doubt my daughter would be able to adapt but it’s would be a seriously steep hill for her to climb right now.)

I wonder what the other parents think. Maybe I should contact anybody else who has a child in that class or at SEDOM and take a poll to find out how SEDOM is doing overall. That could turn out to be ugly but I might just do that.

Regardless I can’t just sit on this. Even with all the other things going on this, and the monthly mortgage payment, are by far the two highest things on my list to make sure get taken care of on a regular basis.
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