nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

A Cardboard Hell...

March 5, 2008 5:58 PM

Ok maybe I’m being dramatic but I’m a little tired of moving stuff. I’m not going to stop but it’s annoying loading and unloading things when you’re the only one on doing it.

It’s still not a bad thing though as anything I can get done in the next two days doesn’t have to be done on Saturday. That’s the reason I took today through Friday off of work. Today I didn’t get too much moved because I had to fix the gas furnace in the garage and wait around for the ATT guy.

Of course that was worth the wait because I now have phone and internet again. (YAY!) The best part is that we’re paying for an unlisted number this time. It won’t help certain things I’m sure - like political and 501c organizations - but it will certainly keep a great many things out of our hair.

Hmm...a cardboard hell...

Dingy brown, turns to black,
Flames lick, no turning back.
Paper burnt, a fire red,
A cardboard hell in my head!

A paper life, turned to brown,
A box of ash, rests aground.
Where do I go? Where do I head?
A cardboard hell and I am dead!

There’s more verses to that lurking somewhere but they’re not dropping into the bucket right now. It sounds like some old hair-metal goth song in my mind. Not sure where that one came from...

Well regardless I’ve got more stuff to do tonight. My dad’s supposed to stop by so we can look at his exhaust and see why it’s making so much noise. Having a heated garage will help working on that. Not sure how that heat is going to eventually effect my gas bill but if I can stay around the same as I have been in the past then I don’t mind leaving the furnace on out there unless we’re going on a long vacation or something.

The new house doesn’t have A/C except for a currently uninstalled window unit in the basement. Likely I’ll get a small unit of the same type for the garage to use in summer. I’m betting that since the garage is open I can cool that whole area fairly effectively with a small unit and not overwork it. Have to wait and see though when summer rolls around. I’d like to eventually get central air for the house but that’s damn expensive. Other things first...
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