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I. Hate. Moving.

March 6, 2008 11:36 AM

I’m not doing this again any time soon if I can help it.

I picked up an inexpensive hand truck at the local Ace and it was fine for getting the boxes out of the one house but it turns out the wheels are too small to easily get the boxes up the steps at the new house. Grr....

Picked up a programmable thermostat for the garage today. Once that’s installed I’ll be able to set that area so that it’s just above freezing during the day to conserve energy then have it heat up somewhere around 3 p.m. so that it’s warm in the evening when I need to use it. That should save me on gas out there. Electricity is another matter.

I went around and replaced all the bulbs I could that weren’t on dimmers with compact fluorescent ones that should save me some dollars in the long run. Also we don’t have to run the fans in this house constantly so there’s a big savings there as well. I’m hoping to get my bill back down to $100 maximum but we’ll see...

New phone number, unlisted, non-published, no mention of it on the answering machine - and I still get a telemarketer call from a random dialer in Minnesota. *shakes head sadly*

Damn I’m tired...

Fortunately this should all be over by Sunday. Once we’re moved on Saturday we’ll go back to the house and give it a cleaning within an inch of its life. And then of course we’ll have to go back and clean up our house within an inch of its life. ;-)
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