nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Snap! Crackle! Pop! Ow my back!

March 10, 2008 11:26 AM

All of our backs that is. I don’t think there is a person involved in our move that isn’t at least a little sore right now. Fortunately it’s almost over. I should be able to get everything else moved today and tomorrow hopefully. It sucks that I can’t take more time off of work but I’ve got some serious projects backing up on me and I need to get them all sorted out.

Turns out I don’t have to spend for a couch because we’re getting one for free. That means the evil green-yellow couch is going bye-bye and we’re getting some sort of beige thing that is only a couple years old. We’ll live with that for a while or as long as we can stand it anyway. Regardless this means we have more money to spend on things out of the $2k we allocated for ourselves. I really want to replace the two remaining TVs with LCD models because they use less wattage even in standby mode - provided you get the right model that is. The living room wall can fit a 40“ but I think we will likely go with a 32” or a 36“ to save a little cash. Depends on what my wife wants. I’m also going to get another inexpensive 15” for the bedroom. That I can buy right away. Heck I might even buy one for my office they’re so cheap. ($189 at the local big-box store.) (Side note: I _really_ hate buying some of this Chinese made stuff but when your budget limits you significantly it becomes harder to stick to your guns so to speak. :-( This does not make me happy. I really don’t want to be one of those ripped t-shirt, beer-belly, waddling, clueless sheep that shops at WalMart constantly.)

Ok that last part was a little harsh and I apologize. Quite a few of those people probably don’t have a choice in the matter. But the ones that _do_ should be ashamed of themselves - as I am. I _hate_ being the “average consumer” and following those trends because it means that I’m not living up to my own ideals. And there is no surer way to kill your spirit than constantly trying to be something that is contrary to your nature. *sigh* I hate it when I’m treading mud...

My Tin Man dvd shipped from Amazon yesterday! YAY! Once step closer to doing a particular music video. Now I just have to move a desk, unpack an iMac, and start extracting and cutting together video. (All cutting and editing will be done according to Fair Use portions of the copyright law of course. *ahem*)

I can’t wait for spring for several reasons. Another month here, maybe less, and I’ll be back on the bike. A short time after that and I’ll be able to till the garden area and plant watermelons and peppers and other things. There’s supposedly flowers in that garden space now but I want to grow vegetables so I’ll transplant if possible but anything else is going to get tilled up.

Other things are going to be gutter repairs...(Oh crap I have to order those rain barrels!) The gutter extensions are a must though because they have to be put in before we get a lot of rain next month. And the rain barrels should best be in there before that because April will likely fill them and then I have water for the garden and lawn and such. I’ll have to get a small electric pump to help me run a sprinkler or hose off the rain barrel. (Hey! Maybe I can set up a small fountain pump on solar power to pump the rain barrels out into the garden/lawn when needed!)

One cosmetic thing I want to do to the garage is replace those shutter-like panels that have tulips cut in them with ones that have gear patterns cut in them. After all my tinkering space is not a flower shed. ;-)
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