nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Time to make the donu...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

March 11, 2008 11:13 AM

I’m damn tired. I boxed up a bunch of stuff last night and put it in the van but couldn’t unload the last load because of noise laws. (Yay. Yet another suburban annoyance.) We’ll get it unloaded tonight but it’s annoying that I can’t just get empty boxes and get another load right after work.

I need to shuffle things in the garage anyway to have room for the bike, welding tanks, and the air compressor.

I figure we’ll have everything moved by the end of Wednesday then clean Thursday and that’ll be that.

Picked up some heirloom seeds through this place:

Among them a couple of different types of watermelons and three different strains of bell peppers.

I’ll probably order the rain barrels today along with a couple of the hose couplers for hooking to secondary rain barrels. I’ll probably get two to start because they’re about $79 each from the local place. (60 gallon models.) That might seem expensive but I pick them up locally and pay no shipping.

I also get the added bonus of being able to thumb my nose at anybody who doesn’t like them because the purchase is being sponsored by my county in cooperation with the city I live in to help reduce water usage. *chuckle*

I’ll probably have to borrow or rent a tiller to till up the garden. That is unless I choose to buy a small one. Since it’s a small garden almost any size should do but if I’m only going to use it once a year then it might not be worth it. I’ll have to see what one costs to rent versus buy.

Also noticed that that decorative post and rail fence in the front yard is swollen and rotted so I’m going to have to replace that once spring hits. No big deal.

My biggest fish to fry in that house though is electrical. Since the majority of the outlets in the house are not grounded I will likely have to replace a great many wires. That’s not going to be easy or fun. I’m currently deciding if I want to try and replace the existing wiring from underneath the house or run fresh wire from the attic down into the walls. I’m not even sure at this point what the insulation in the walls looks like.

If it turns out that there’s no insulation in the walls (Ugh.) then I’ll probably re-wire from the top down and remove all the dead wiring later. And the have insulation blown in after I’m all done.

I’m hoping that there’s at least some decent insulation in the walls or my heating bill is going to be nasty. With the garage heater working it’s going to be nasty anyway but I’m expecting that increase. I just don’t want a $200+ heating bill _while_ on the budget plan. That would be bad because that would mean the bill in reality would be somewhere in the $1k+ range. Like I said - ugh.
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