nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,


March 12, 2008 11:16 AM

So we’re still moving stuff from one house to another and I’m fully worn out with it. I _have_ to get all that stuff tonight. All of it. I don’t want this to go on any longer.

There’s still most of my daughter’s room, most of the kitchen, and some of my office to pack not to mention the furniture after all that is packed and moved. I made a space for the other bike, the welding tanks, and the air compressor last night so those can come over any time. I don’t mind loading and unloading the stuff really it’s just the packing that annoys me. We should have had all this in boxes before we moved.

And I still need to clean out the fridge so it’s shiny clean. Much to my shame our housemate cleaned his parents’ bedroom last night. Likely he’ll clean all of those rooms as we empty them. I think I’ll do something nice for him when it’s all said and done.

*sigh* I really wanted to have all our stuff moved by yesterday but I’ll settle for today. I think I can manage that.

The problem is that I’m so damn tired after work. This is why I took the time off to move things and get things done right after we closed. If I _hadn’t_ done that we’d be in an even worse position now but truthfully I could have done more - a lot more. Hopefully I can get all that stuff moved tonight then tomorrow I can clean the remaining areas. I’m just going to have to move the fish and tank on the seat of the mini-van rather than just buying a new tank. I’ll buy the new tank after I move the old one.

It’s a strange feeling - it still hasn’t settled in that I’m a homeowner. To me it’s just another place to live. But then we also haven’t gotten our mortgage payment book in the mail yet either. I’m sure the realities of home ownership will settle in all too quickly once we start shelling out all that money. Thankfully I’ve planned everything well enough that even if I lose my job as long as I get _some_ job, within reason of course, we can still pay our bills/mortgage. (And I’ve already got the ability to pay at least four mortgage payments from savings if things go south.)

There’s so many things I want to do with this and so much time to do them. The possibilities are almost endless - again within reason.

I ordered the first of the two DC permanent magnet generators to attach to a wind turbine. I think I’ve even figured out where to put the first one on the garage.

Turns out on the top of the garage there is an unused vent pipe. I think it’s wide enough that what I can do is put the generator in the center of it, support the center shaft on a metal plate with adjustable thrust bearings under it, and then put one of the large whirling smokestack covers on it so that when the cover rotates it rotates the shaft of the generator. (I need the thrust bearing assembly because it’s actually a horizontal generator which isn’t designed for vertical operation. I suppose I _could_ design a right-angle belt or gear system but that would put a lot more loss into the system and it would not be nearly so invisible.)

I think the most visible thing will be the wires because I intend to paint the cover black. I suppose I could even paint the wires or run them in black PVC to hide those too. (I’d probably better use metal conduit as we’re dealing with electricity and I don’t want a problem with the city.)

Of course the generator may be so small that I might be able to hide it in a small box unit that looks good. The generator should arrive soon so I’ll know fairly promptly what will and won’t be possible.

*chuckle* A picture of an insane idea for on-the-roof wind generators just came to mind. Use three of the large stainless steel bowls, about 12“ in diameter, and attach them to three poles about 3’ long with the generator shaft coupler in the center. What you get would look like a giant anemometer but would probably be pretty damn effective at generating something depending on the wind. AND it’s made from simple and easily obtainable materials. It would look funky as all hell but would probably work just fine. Again you would need a vertical orientation generator or an add-on thrust bearing assembly but stil...

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