nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Almost there....

March 14, 2008 11:09 AM

Stay on target.

Alllmossst there....

Stay on target!

I got a deadline on my tail! I can’t shake him!


We should be completely 100% moved by this evening one way or another.

I only have my jonboat, the fishtank, and what’s left in the shed. We unload the 14’ truck we rented yesteday when we get home tonight and then I take that over there and get everything but the bike. Then after I unload that I go over there with my truck and pick up my project bike and bring it home. (’82 Suzuki GS750E)

Then tonight I clean out, fill up, and drop off the rental truck. After that it’s a rest until I have to construct furniture and move things.

I’m going to likely move the computer rack down into the basement this weekend. Moving it down there shouldn’t be a problem and will certainly be easier than moving it out. Once it’s down there I need to run a CAT-5E wire from the phone box to down there and put in a jack so I can plug in the DSL down there. (I need to get the 2600 running. I’ve got a config for it that _should_ work but I need to test it still - not to mention figure out how to get a config on there which I’ve never done before.)

I’m thinking about buying a small RC truck and mounting a large fluffy ball on the top of it. Why? For cleaning cobwebs out of the crawlspace of course! (I hate being stuck in spiderwebs. Ick. *shudder*)

A fair amount of people said that putting osage oranges in your crawlspace keeps spiders away. It worked in my parents’ crawlspace many many years ago but I haven’t had occasion to try it myself. Easier just to clean them off every so often.

So I’ve already got loads and loads of plans for the house - the wind generator thing comes to mind immediately because I got the generator yesterday. (Fast shipping!) The thing is more than small enough to be mounted unobtrusively on the garage roof somewhere so now it’s just a matter of working out a good design. (Which I just thought of right off the bat while sitting here.) Even better the shaft of the generator sticks out the end of the casing so I can install a custom thrust-bearing plate and mount the thing vertically without a problem. Very cool.

Now I just need to acquire a charge controller and batteries. I’d love to use lithium-ion but I’m poor and those things cost a bundle. The charge controller is going to be expensive as it is.

Oh and I need to buy a ladder. I don’t have one and the new house didn’t come with one so I need to spend for it unfortunately. I’ll likely buy two. A simple metal one that is the standard ceiling height and a tall (12“+) fiberglass or metal one for working on the outside of the house. Of the two the second one is more needed as we have a step-ladder that can handle most of the stuff around the inside of the house.

No signs of our mortgage payment book in the mail yet but I went online to their site today and printed out the address as well as some of their other stuff. I am not normally a fan of auto-debit stuff but they have a 26 and 52 set of auto-payment things that are quite interesting. The 52 payment plan is the best because you pay weekly and in the end you pay one month extra every year but it’s tough on the weekly budget. However the 26 payment plan is bi-weekly and if I can arrange it so that the bi-weekly portion falls on those weeks where my wife and I both get paid that makes the finances a little easier. (That reminds me - I have to write the last electric bill and the phone bill.)

”Ok kid let’s blow this thing and go home!“
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